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[Singapore] HungryGoWhere.com Spills Over To Your Windows Desktop


We’ve always known that Singaporeans are crazy foodies, so perhaps it’s not so much of a surprise that tech giant Microsoft and Singapore-based food directory HungryGoWhere.com is teaming up to take good food even closer to Singaporeans – by taking the online food search experience outside of your web browser and directly onto your Windows 7 task bar.

By leveraging the capabilities of the new IE9 browser such as site-pinning and jump lists, HungryGoWhere.com enables hungry surfers to turn their own desktops into food porn paradise. IE9 users can just drag the HungryGoWhere.com icon to their Windows taskbar to enable the special features that will give them one-click access to over 400,000 food choices in Singapore.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Jumplist

And if you enjoy your travel too (and most Singaporeans do), a tie-up between Microsoft and Tiger Airways gives you a custom browser gives users for a “full Tiger Airways experience”, whatever that means. Site-pinning also creates a Tiger Airways icon on the task bar, making booking a cheap flight literally a click away. Integration of the jumplist into the taskbar icon also allows users to have access to offers and deals in one click, without the hassle of user IDs and passwords.

Let’s just say work productivity may take somewhat of a hit.