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WordWit – A Mobile Game App That Teaches You Proper English


There are mobile reference apps, and there are mobile game apps. What if there was an app that combined both? Here’s one that does – WordWit from Ballpoint, Inc. allows you to learn (proper) English and have fun while you’re at it.

The app pairs often misused words – think ‘principal’ and ‘principle’, or ‘there’ and ‘their’ – and then will explains them clearly, as well as provide entertaining examples from literature and the media.You can either spin for random word pairs, or use in-built search to look for specific words. Quick quizzes help reinforce those lessons.

WordWit was imagined, conceived, and created by Ballpoint’s seasoned team of writers, educators, editors, and designers. In fact, Ballpoint co-founders Susan Leigh Babcock and David Drucker were both seasoned, professional journalists, so it’s probably unsurprising that they want to do something about the badly-mangled mess that passes off as English in daily usage today.

I wouldn’t call WordWit essential, but it’s a fun learning tool for students, business people, professional writers… anyone who needs to learn how to write proper English, that is.

You can buy WordWit on iTunes for US$1.99.


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