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Create Branded Facebook Storefronts With TabJuice


Have a thriving Facebook page but struggling to leverage and convert users into actual sales? Social commerce application development service TabJuice (www.TabJuice.com) lets you create customized and branded storefronts directly on Facebook, so users can not only buy stuff from you, but they can also brag about their purchases on their social feeds.

Created by 29-year old San Diego native Dylan Whitman, TabJuice is a great alternative for fledgling retail brands that do not have an online presence aside for their Facebook pages.

TabJuice charges a flat US$19.99 per month per storefront (Edit: Nov 7, 2011 – the service is now offered for free). It’s simple to set up too – just three steps to create an account, design a store and start tapping on those Facebook fans. For companies that already have existing sites and e-commerce solutions, TabJuice makes integration easy with their open source API.

Features such as business and social analytics mean that you can track sales effectively. Already, the solution is being tapped by apparel companies and retailers, such as DesignerSocial and Jedidiah Clothing.

“Every company with a Facebook presence is constantly trying to find ways to transform fans into customers,” states Whitman. “And, in the e-commerce world, there is immense focus on reducing the number of steps – or clicks – a consumer must take in order to make a purchase. TabJuice’s groundbreaking technology allows sellers to offer a branded shopping experience directly on their Facebook Page, where they are already connecting with their fans.”

TabJuice is owned by Flank Digital and JCBI.