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TwoHub Stores Your Online Bookmarks In One Place


Those of us who use multiple computers and different browsers know the pain of trying to synchronize all our bookmarks – and despite social bookmarking sites like Delicious (whose fate is still unknown), most of us have to rely on various services to make sure we have access to our bookmarks. Here’s another service you can try – TwoHub.

TwoHub allows you to place and store all your bookmarks in one place online. It’s meant to be set as a homepage so your favorite bookmarks are all in one spot. The bookmarks can be arranged into sets, and even allows you to instantly preview the sites. It was developed by college freshman Gordon Casper because, as a developer who uses about five browsers every day and migrate between computers on hourly basis, he needed an uniform space where to have my bookmarks.

“I was inspired to display six most important bookmarks with instant access from Safari 4 (and later versions),” he says.

“There are other services that offer bookmark synchronization as well; however, in majority of cases it is only a by product of the website,” says Casper (who we profiled for a previous project, SimpleAnswer.me). He adds that it’s perfect for people who use more than one computer and are often on the move, such as developers, journalists and students.