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SpiritHoods – Getting Into The Spirit


One of these days, you might just chance across a person wearing what looks like a dead animal on their head as you pass them by along the street. The new form of headgear is not exactly a PETA protest, or the latest example of hillbilly style, but one of the latest fashion crazes to hit town – a SpiritHood.

The SpiritHood is a unique, yet functional, headgear accessory to keep your head comfortably warm in cold weather (or just make a fashion statement). Made from faux fur – 100-percent satin polyester, to be exact, so no animals were harmed in its making – the SpiritHood comes in different designs that resemble various animals, such the wolf, grizzly bear, leopard, and even a “nasty rabbit”. This connection with nature is no accident. Shamans from ancient cultures used to wear such headgear as part of a ritual; it represented the transformation into an animal and was an important aspect of journeying into the spirit world.

And if you think that nobody in their right minds would wear roadkill on their heads, well, skyrocketing sales across several countries tells us otherwise.

SpiritHoods was founded by four young men – Ashley Haber, Chase Hamilton, Marley Marotta and Alexander Mendeluk – who birthed the company out of love, love for friends and family, for their families, and all living things around them. They had no idea that their idea would catch fire. The brand has seen explosive organic growth, landing even celebrity fans.

(Far left – Chase Hamilton, third from left – Alexander Medeluk.)

The founders credit this growth to the support of their fans – a passionate community which marketing expert and author Seth Godin calls a “Tribe”. “The real magic lies in our story with each other, the artists and amazing people who are a part of our tribe,” admits SpiritHoods‘ co-founder and design director Alexander Mendeluk. “The SpiritHoods is a symbol that connects all of us even when we are not together and are an unparalleled and unique adage to your wardrobe and lifestyle.”

“We’re about cutting loose, giving back to the community, daring to be wild and living it up with our family and friends,” he adds. The company believes in the conservation and protection of both the planet and its animals, and to help give back they’ve partnered with and are actively donating a portion of their proceeds to several non-profit organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation.




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