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WhatchyaGot Gives You Bags Of Hope


Many products are created because its founders are geniuses, others for meeting a certain need in the market. Some products, however, are the result of sheer necessity. Salt Lake City, Utah-based WhatchyaGot, for example, was founded because its founder Julie Gallegos wanted to create a bag for her father, who was stricken with colon cancer and heart disease.

The mompreneur-inventor – Gallegos is a mother of four – in 2007 noticed that her father needed a case or a bag to keep and organize his medicines, vitamins and other supplies he needed for his illness. Gallegos couldn’t find a suitable one from the mall, and decided – why not design one herself? “I figured I could design a product that would allow him – and others – to carry their personal essentials with them at all times,” explains Gallegos. “I realized the importance of a bag that offered compartments to place their own, actual prescriptions, vitamin bottles and supplies. A bag that holds their own bottles for safety reasons.”

“Many mix medications in one bottle which is unsafe and dangerous.”

And thus, the WhatchyaGot bag was born.

Bags Of Hope

The extremely functional WhatchyaGot bag comes with ten elastic loops inside, which are used to hold down prescription and vitamin bottles. Its two internal mesh pockets and a large zipper compartment can holding any medical item. There’s even an insulated zipper pocket for temperature control, which are great for creams and liquid medications. The bag can be carried by the handles or using the shoulder straps, and each comes complete with a cell phone pocket and smaller zipper bag. They come in several designs.

Whether you need a portable carrying case for medical items, baby items, or you’re looking for a multi-purpose sorting system, our bags have a compartment for everything,” says Gallegos. “It’s all about making life work with less stress, more convenience and a sense of freedom. I create products from my heart with love and compassion while having fun.”

Passionate About Life

The entrepreneur-at-heart have always been interested in various ventures since young, especially those that she was passionate about. Gallegos, who’ve was previously employed with the state and county Government for 15 years (during which time she also owned a company where she’d purchase goods from Mexico and resell through home parties), later owned a mortgage company for ten years.

But Gallegos is always thinking of ways and things she can create that will benefit society in a purposeful way. Her passion (and compassion) in this area is evident – she donates bags as well as 10 percent of proceeds to help other suffering patients and families who go through the same struggle her family is going through.

“My goal is to hold events with proceeds of bag sells where people that have experienced loss or have been through illness can come together with people with similar experiences in an environment that is compassionate and understanding,” says Gallegos. “To hold fun events where they can get away, if even for a day to express themselves with others that have walked their walk. Perhaps create a buddy system.”

She credits her parents for instilling work ethic, courage and inspiration in her. “They are the reason I persevere and have moxie”, she states.

We’re certain her parents are very, very proud of her.


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