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NgaturDuit.com, Indonesia’s First Online Financial Management Service


Launched early last year, Indonesia-based NgaturDuit.com is an online service for users to plan and track their budget and expenses.

NgaturDuit ran the extra mile by offering users with financial consultancy services, which is powered by IARFC, the largest personal financial planner group in Indonesia owned by Mr Aidil Akbar.

For your information, ‘Ngatur’ means manage (slang) and ‘Duit’ means money (slang).

“NgaturDuit is a joint operation between two small IT consultancy companies. We have the goal to educate people on the importance of financial monitoring and planning. This is why we did not just build a financial monitoring application. We wanted to provide a one stop service where people can find solutions to their financial issues, not just a tool to create budget and track expenses,” Api Perdana, co-founder of NgaturDuit told Penn Olson.

The online financial service is also the first in Indonesia. “We are the first. Two other sites popped up a month ago,” said Api.

It has been pretty good so far. Despite in its product development stage, NgaturDuit has attracted more than 5,000 active users. The current number really isn’t too bad for an online financial service.

The team is also looking to launch a new version of NgaturDuit within the next couple of days with upgraded user interface (shown above and you’re the among the first to see it) and also a BlackBerry app for users to manage their financials on the go.

“Our target is to grow to 100,000 users within 6 months,” said Api.

NgaturDuit is currently focused on Indonesia market because of market familiarity and local connections. The team has plans to expand to neighboring countries in the next couple of years. We shall see if NgaturDuit.com can replicate Mint.com’s success story in Asia. Who knows? It may even grow bigger with the help of IARFC.

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