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Prosperity4Kids.com Teachs Kids To Be Financially Smart


Financial education should start from young – that’s what Lori Mackey believes. The mompreneur, who has two children of her own, understands how difficult it is to inculcate good financial knowledge in children and has made it her mission to design fun, engaging financial education products and resources for children and their parents.

Mackey started her company Prosperity4Kids (www.prosperity4kids.com) to educate children in a fun and engaging way, teaching valuable lessons on how to grow up and be financially savvy adults (these lessons were derived from the very same ones she used on her kids). Mackey’s magical children’s book Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs, parent’s workbook “Design Your Child’s Financial Future” and other products are all geared at trying to teach young children the value of money, and simple concepts such as saving, investing and spending money wisely.

Today, Mackey is a well sought-after national speaker and trainer, she appears often on national TV, and her articles are regularly featured in family and parenting magazines across the country. Mackey recently partnered with ING Direct to create a series of fun and creative activity books that engage children in the basics of earning, spending, saving and investing through fun activities using word searches, check writing and math concepts teaching compound interest, investing and the rule of 72.  Schools and kids clubs have already begun to implement the books into their curriculum and school children are learning valuable life lessons in money management.

Mackey even received the iParenting Media Award for outstanding educational products in 2004 – 2006.

Not bad for someone who started out professionally as a hairdresser!


    • Hi Kenneth,

      I wouldn’t quite say nothing is coming out of Singapore! ^^

      There’s quite a few startups here, just that many of them rather remain stealthed while others are clueless about building awareness.

      In fact, in a similar space as Prosperity4Kids.com is Moolah: http://www.projectmoolah.com/. They’re Singapore-based – one of these days I’ll do a story of them, when they are ready.



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