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AMD VISIONary Of The Year Awards


Semiconductor maker AMD, best known for its graphics and computing microchips, has launched its first-ever VISIONary of the Year Awards to honor innovation in the three categories: Foodie, Photography, and Entrepreneurship.

As part of the awards, AMD searched all of U.S. looking for innovators, and an expert panel finally chose three special finalists in each category.

Check out this exclusive video on the three finalists in the Entrepreneur category:

These three entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas definitely deserve some attention: whether it is providing jobs to former gang members, helping children who are suffering from serious medical conditions to cope through art and other creative outlets, or turning recyclable trash into functional clothing. We like.

If you’re similarly impressed, go vote for them. And do check out the entrants for the other categories as well. One winner in each category will be chosen to receive a grand prize of US$20,000 and will be crowned AMD’s VISIONary of the Year. Voters can also enter to win one-of-a-kind category prizes, such as a culinary trip to New York City (Foodie category), a US$4,000 technology shopping spree (Entrepreneur category), a US$4,000 camera (Photographer category), as well as AMD’s US$10,000 grand prize.

Vote now! (Or check them out on Twitter, or on Facebook.)


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