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Women Entrepreneurs Can Look Awesome And Run Businesses Too


Entrepreneur Tiffany Fluhme, CEO of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based direct sales skincare and cosmetics company Fluhme, says that women don’t have to deny themselves to help balance the checkbook.

“Women are very good at denying themselves luxuries, as well as some necessities, in order to make ends meet,” says Fluhme. “The problem is, when a woman cuts out key items of her beauty and wellness regimen – makeup, skin care, her gym membership, etc. – it will definitely have an impact on how she feels about herself.”

“Her self-confidence can plummet and her sense of well-being can be negatively affected. It can affect her job, her friendships and even her relationships,” adds Fluhme, whose background is in medicine and worked as a plastic surgeon’s assistant for five years.  “That’s why I think it’s important for women to find ways to replace some of the more costly personal care activities with budget-conscious substitutes.”

Fluhme developed a small cosmetic line five years ago and started to sell her products from the plastic surgeon’s office. She also held home makeup parties for customers, and this was successful enough to encourage her to take her business to the next level. Along with the support of her husband, Fluhme formulated a custom anti-aging skin care line and cosmetics line and launched the company nationally in 2009. Today, there are some 200 consultants representing Fluhme around the country.

Fluhme believes that women who routinely take care of themselves, tend to feel more confident and possess better self-esteem, which will reflect positively at work and at home. Of course, we couldn’t resist asking her for some tips to help some of you women entrepreneurs to look good while running your busy lives.

Here are some of her tips for beauty and wellness on a budget:

1. “My number 1 tip is to always take care of your skin and invest in an effective anti-aging skin care line.  Your skin is your canvas, and when you take care of it, your skin will radiate through your makeup. When you neglect your skin, it is comparable to an artist creating a portrait on a dry cracked board.  Obviously this is not ideal and soft supple canvas will result in the most beautiful makeup application.”

2. “Despite how tired you may be, never sleep with your makeup on.  Always take the time to wash you face in the evening, and be faithful to your skincare regimen.  You will certainly notice the difference.”

3. “For a long work day, avoid caking on a heavy foundation.  A great tinted moisturizer with SPF and a foundation powder will give you a perfect light coverage.”

4. “If you’re running short on time, take 30 seconds to apply tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a lipgloss.  These are makeup must-haves and the go-to products for days you are running late!”

5. “You don’t need a gym to stay fit. Pop in a workout DVD, take a jog around the block, or work out at home with a pair of dumbbells and a jumprope. Exercise releases essential endorphins, which contribute to a great sense of well being.”


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