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This Week in Asia Episode 41: Hugh Mason from JFDI Asia


We all heard about the Hackerspace SG in Singapore set up by Meng Weng Wong last year. In conjunction with our special interview series, we invited Hugh Mason, one of the partners from the Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI Asia) to come and tell us about how their new venture incubator can make a difference for entrepreneurs by utilizing on the concepts of rapid prototyping and agile development to produce new lean and mean start-ups for the entrepreneurial ecosystem from Singapore to the region. Hugh also shares with us what he will be looking forward to in the coming Echelon 2010.

This article was first posted at ThisWeekInAsia, a podcast that caters to what’s the hot and interesting news dominating the web and tech landscape in Asia, and a fellow media partner of Echelon 2010.


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