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CyberSynchs – Syncing A New Tune For Devices

Amos Winbush III
Amos Winbush III, CEO of CyberSynchs, says his team is an eclectic bunch of people and are 'dedicated individuals who each have their owns strengths'.

Losing your data when your high-end mobile phone crashes can really hurt, as Amos Winbush III found out. So he decided to come up with a solution to this annoying problem, and finally founded CyberSynchs, a online service that synchronizes your mobile content to the cloud.

“I had an issue. My mobile phone crashed,” says 26-year old Winbush, now CyberSynchs‘s CEO, recalling what prompted him to create such a service. “I assumed my mobile phone company would help me recover all my contacts and stored data.  I was shocked and appalled to learn that there was no solution to help me.”  He was using the first generation iPhone, and like most people living in New York, was way too busy to spend a lot of time trying to find a way to synch a device to the computer.

There had to be a better way, he thought to himself. CyberSynchs was his answer.

Universal Data Synchronization Between Multiple Devices

CyberSynchs automatically backs up, shares and restores content between multiple operating systems, platforms and devices.

CyberSynchs is essentially a web subscription service that allows a subscriber to automatically backs up and restores content on a smartphone or mobile device – including phone numbers, address books, calendars, voice messages, text messages, emails, music, ring tones, GPS locations, photos, videos and virtually any other kind of digital file – and also shares the content between multiple operating systems, platforms and devices.

Subscribers’ synchronized content is protected on CyberSynchs servers and accessible through a user’s unique device ID code and personal password. Subscribers can access their data in real time from anywhere in the world via smartphone, mobile device, PC or any device with an Internet connection.

In short, no more trauma from lost mobile content and personal information due to a lost, stolen or destroyed mobile device.

The service currently works through a mobile, as well as a desktop, application. “Losing the information on your mobile device or smartphone can be absolutely devastating, and wireless carriers don’t keep individual customers’ mobile content so there’s nothing they can do to help,” he explains. “We created CyberSynchs Mobile as a cool, easy and economical solution to spare people the ordeal of losing personal data. CyberSynchs Mobile automatically synchronizes your mobile data as often as you want – daily, twice a day, even hourly – so you don’t ever have to think about it.” “If your smartphone or mobile device is lost or stolen, that’s another nightmare,” added Winbush. “Through GPS, CyberSynchs can notify you of the exact location of your lost or stolen device. If it’s unrecoverable, our unique ‘wiping’ feature lets you instantly lock and thoroughly erase all of your data from the missing device.” Its patented universal data synchronization solution is mobile operating system and carrier independent.

As part of its growth strategy, New York-based CyberSynchs is looking to aggressively get its solution to be pre-loaded on a wide variety of devices worldwide, including smartphones, PCs, cameras, camcorders, TV’s and mobile headphones, as well as available through cable television network providers by the end of 2010.

Team Effort

Winbush founded the company with a vision of providing state-of-the-art technology and a cost-effective means of safeguarding people’s vital personal information. His team, he says, is an eclectic bunch of people and are ‘dedicated individuals who each have their owns strengths’.

“Our CFO, Joseph Gemmo, has been in the industry for thirty years. I am extremely lucky to have him; he is a great guy and extremely capable. Our CTO, Tyler Thackray, is a phenomenal engineer and leader. His execution is great and he has given our team the momentum that they needed to get us to where we are now. He does an amazing job of guiding the development team and the evolution of the technology.”

Views on Entrepreneurship

“I took a somewhat unusual path to becoming an entrepreneur – I started off in the music business and then segued into technology,” says Winbush. Since launching CyberSynchs in November 2008, he’s found the fast pace of the technology industry and challenges of starting a company ‘more exciting and fulfilling than the music industry’.

“I am very passionate about people and technology and love being an entrepreneur. I absolutely love reaching out to new people and especially new entrepreneurs to give as much help and support as I can from sharing my own experiences in building and growing CyberSynchs.”

Winbush says nothing more challenging and gratifying at the same time when it comes to entrepreneurship; entrepreneurs, as he puts it, ‘hold the cards in (their) own hands’. “If you don’t go to work, you (can) actually feel the effect at the end of the week, because even you are just in the office or talking to your team – you are always making a difference,” he explains. “Entrepreneurship is all about holding yourself accountable, building teams, building products, and developing innovative solutions.”

“It is the freedom to be who you are without restraints.”

He cautions that things don’t happen overnight, and small business owners and entrepreneurs need to remember that things takes time.  “Applying the effort, doing the preparation and driving execution are key,” he shares. “These are lessons I’ve learned very quickly.”



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