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Who Said Entrepreneurs Weren’t Born?

Are you a Thomson Medical Centre young talent?

Are you a Thomson Medical Centre young talent?

If you’re a young talent – musician, sports personality, scholar, or an accomplished entrepreneur – who happened to be born and delivered at the Thomson Medical Centre, your hospital wants you.

Thomson Medical Centre will be selecting 12 young talents (under 30 years of age) for its upcoming Thomson Talents Charity Calendar 2010 featuring children with outstanding achievements and talents who were delivered in the hospital. you could be one of them. They’ll put your face and achievements in 3,000 calendars which will be printed and distributed to partners and sold to help raise funds for its adopted charity, The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

If you fit the bill, contact Aelino Senitro at aelina[at]tmc-sin[dot]com[dot]sg.

So who said entrepreneurs aren’t born?


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