Home Thinking Aloud What Will You Find Inside Larry & Sergey’s Brain?

What Will You Find Inside Larry & Sergey’s Brain?

Inside Larry & Sergey's Brain
Inside Larry & Sergey's Brain

I’m looking forward to receiving my hardcover copy of “Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain“.

Many books have been written about Google, but most – such as “What Would Google Do?” – focus on the search engine giant, rather than its two founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. For this book, award-winning technology journalist Richard L. Brandt (who also consults with startups) interviews current and former Google employees and senior management, competitors and partners in an attempt to divine what goes on in the minds of the two heroes revered by geeks around the world.

Personally? I’m interested to understand more about the company’s “Don’t Be Evil” philosophy.



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