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All about entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, ideas, innovation, and small business. Launches; Issues Call For Digital Artists - An online artists' marketplace to convert your photographs into customized digital artwork - An online artists' marketplace to convert your photographs into customized digital artwork officially announced its launch today, opening possibly the world’s first online art gallery and marketplace for customized digital artwork.

An online space to matchmake digital artists and their customers, aims to give “a face and a space” online to digital artists without a gallery or retail front to attract and sell to customers. Many of these artists could be, as puts it, “hidden from the public eye in middle-man studios” and thus suffer from the lack of recognition and opportunity.

“The Phokki artist market will be a place where the consumers will be spoilt for choice in the range and diversity of digital styles available,” says Sean Seah, CEO of Singapore-based “Whether it’s a case of time-tunneling you from a 2009 photo of yourself to a 1960s retro vector-styled version or a case of pumping power into your 10-year old kid by turning an innocuous photo of him into one where he is a red-caped, sword- yielding 300 Spartan defending the Thermopylae or transformed into a robotic transformer defending the world!” also incorporates social networking functions and an active art community.

Digital artists can join to offer their services by simply signing up for an account and uploading their sample portfolios onto the site. Sign up before 15 April to participate in a digital art competition and you have a chance to win a Wacom Bamboo.


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