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The Rise Of The Sellsumer


Sellsumers - Consumers will increasingly sell, made possible by the online democratization of demand and supply and fueled by a global recession that leaves consumers strapped for cash.
Sellsumers - Consumers will increasingly sell, made possible by online democratization of demand and supply, and fueled by a global recession that leaves consumers strapped for cash. (Image courtesy of Trendwatching.com)

In Trendwatching.com‘s latest briefing report, the independent trend observation firm believes it has spotted a new trend. It claims that during these recessionary times, many ordinary consumers will increasingly become a new class of consumers called the sellsumers. Due to “a recession-induced need for cash” and “an ever-growing infrastructure that allows individuals to act as (part-time) entrepreneurs”, many consumers will look for multiple ways to make money, instead of just spending it.

It’s a valid observation.

We’ve also been seeing signs of sellsumers in Singapore. It’s recently been reported in the local papers that blog shops on the rise, and in some cases of young mothers using such blog shops to supplement household incomes by selling anything from cosmetic contact lenses to baby products.

For those of you who are into small business retail, I’ve previously given advice on pushcart entrepreneurship, where to locate a pushcart, and also a list of places in Singapore which rents out spaces for pushcarts. Alternatively, you can consider this alternative to pushcarts.

In desperate times, creativity flourishes.

Are you a sellsumer? If you are, do you have any good stories or experiences to share with us?

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  1. I have opened USA’s First Minicube/Ministore Sellsumer Mall in Holland Mi. We currently are selling these turnkey stores on EBAY for 16,000. If you would like to see more about our store then contact me bye email and I will send you the virtual tour. Ours store is called Check-4-FUN.


  2. i have to agree that with the recent events over the past few years, more and more people are starting to act up and start becoming entrepreneurs. With the growing number of people becoming millionaires via the internet, its no surprise that others are following.

    I guess that could have started the birth of the sellsumer group.

    I think sellsumer are growing rapidly, there is even mention of it on this site that is about a new generation, generation g.


  3. to me, it is a cheap and quick way to go, drop shipping or otherwise.
    I have noticed while I am in the UAE, there are certain demand of products that are not served there.
    there are still opportunities…keep at it.

    also, dont neglect traditional trading models as well…whatever to make a buck online straight to consumers bypassing middlemen yes but sometimes these middlemen can help in many ways.

  4. Yeah, not only is this evident. There is a lot of free brokerage going on also.

    I had a friend who wanted to sell her Leica. She put it on her status update. I knew someone looking for a second hand Leica. I hooked them up.

    So it’s not only about setting up a virtual pushcart but information is now more democratized so peer to peer selling will also thrive.


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