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Singapore Tops Innovation Study


The latest study by Washington-based National Association of Manufacturers has named Singapore as the most innovative country in the world. The report, produced by the Boston Consulting Group, places Singapore ahead of South Korea, Switzerland and Iceland.

You can download the full report here.


  1. Hi pengshin,

    You bring you up an excellent point.

    This innovation report was created with a goal in mind – which is to convince the US government that it needs to invest more in kickstarting the US economy and help it restore its edge. Hence the criterion that were chosen were heavily skewed towards hard indicators revolving around infrastructure and public policy.

    It would have been more revealing if softer indicators (social, cultural) were included.

  2. I hate to burst the bubble here, but look at the table on page 9 that describes the judging criteria. It is then easy to see why Singapore has done so well in the study without really being “innovative”, or at least what I think it means to be innovative. In my mind, it is difficult to beat the Americans at this game. Who else has come with world game products like the Internet? Social Networking? Google?

    We have innovative Singaporeans and a free spending and willing government but we seriously lack the culture. I cannot help but be extremely skeptical about this report.

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