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Picking the right home tutor for your child is an extremely important process, and it can take a long time to find someone suitable. And of course it should – the last thing you want is to end up with a paedophile getting anywhere near your children. Or a sadist – I remember my mom got me a English tutor during my primary school days who had the penchant of punishing me by attaching clothes pegs to my ears when I failed to meet her exacting standards.

But I digress. is a registered home tuition agency that not only helps to matchmake the right tutors to students’ needs, but also manages the administrative details between both parties. Tutors and students can sign up online for future matchups. That’s nothing special, I hear you say. What may be interesting, however, is the way its using the Web for business – engaging communities on Facebook, Friendster, LinkedIn and even Windows Live. How’s that for a mere tuition agency?

One thing I can’t quite agree with is its engagement of bloggers via a blogging contest. It may sound like a great way to get extra online publicity, but paying bloggers to blog about how wonderful your service is without them having to ever try out the service is damaging to the credibility of both your site and any bloggers who do write about you.

I recommend talking to a good social media consultant.


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