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You Only Live Once



I read with sadness that Violet Lim, an entrepreneur I met once some time ago, had succumbed to cancer.

She’s the feisty 55 year-old lady who took on St James Powerhouse some months back when the local nightspot denied her free drinks during Ladies Night because they deemed her too old. The furor finally led to the entertainment chain to start a ladies night at another one of its clubs to pacify women angered by its ‘ageist’ policies.

I came across Violet, the owner of a floral shop and dating agency Novel Club, at a business meeting organised by local barter exchange Ozone Barter. From her warm and friendly manner, you’d never guessed the entrepreneur suffered from cancer. I certainly didn’t.

She lived the way an entrepreneur should – with spunk. You could say that she lived like the flowers she sold at her shop – short-lived, but vibrant, beautiful and with a lovely fragrance that lingered.

Violet, we’ll miss you.