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Warning To Thieves: Bak2u’s Verey I Anti-Theft Software for Macs



*Note: This is a sponsored review.



Whoever steals my beloved MacBook Pro will know the meaning of a slow, lingering death.

I’ve just installed my 15″ MBPro with Bak2u‘s Verey I anti-theft software for Mac laptops and desktops, which Blog2u.sg offered me to try out. Since I carry my MBPro around quite a bit and do get paranoid about losing it, I like totally jumped at the chance.

Now with my newly Verey-protected MBPro, if you can’t provide the right password within a certain amount of time (from 5 to 100 seconds – I set mine at 100), the software sends the following information to my predetermined email:

  • Your network information, and those of the computers around you (which means, of course, even those of your neighbours); and
  • Your ugly mug through video capture with sound (thanks to iSight).

I’ve even set it up with Twitter, so Verey will Twitter me through email, Instant Messenger, and even SMS if my MBPro gets jacked. (I initially thought of Twitter as somewhat of a fun-but-pointless application, but Verey actually puts Twitter into the realm of usefulness. So I signed up).




Installing Verey can be a bit of a pain – it asked me repeatedly for my administrator password during installation and when I tweaked the settings – but I guess it’s a necessary safety feature. Plus I’d do anything to introduce you, slimeball of a thief, to the men in blue.

Trust me – steal my baby and you’re gonna pay. And your neighbours are so going to “appreciate” the fact you sent the cops knocking on their doors. You’d better hope the cops get to you first before I do, otherwise I’d rip you a new a$$hole.

So go ahead and make my day, punk.


Find out more at www.bak2u.com.

Can be purchased from iShop by Club21.