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UX Design Software To Create Appealing Prototypes

A good prototype is the realization of all your hard work; the representation of how your development project will function in a real-world setting. Prototypes help you identify any issues with usability, and give you something tangible to present to your clients or shareholders. Creating a great prototype starts with using the right software. Without it, your prototype will lack a certain completeness that could mean the difference between client satisfaction and frustration.

Here are some great examples of UX software to help create appealing prototypes.

If you’re looking to create high-fidelity prototypes, look no further than Proto. Proto is a beautiful, easy to use prototyping tool that will help you create your best prototypes that look and feel like the real thing. The process only takes a few minutes, and your prototype will be ready to show off!

This software is 100% web-based, so there are no bulky files to download and install on your computer. There are even pre-made templates you can utilize to increase productivity and speed up the design process! Best of all, Proto offers a free 15-day trial, so you can get a feel for how the software functions before you buy it.

With over 500,000 users, Proto serves some big names like Disney and ESPN. Intuitive, aesthetically stunning, and powerful, Proto is one of the best prototyping tools out there for nailing down the UX aspects of your design. Why not give it a try for free?

Axure RP.

When it comes to creating awesome prototypes, Axure knows their stuff. One of the most trusted wireframe/mockup and prototype design software available on the web, Axure can help successfully guide your project from conception to completion and beyond.

Once you’ve gotten a feel for the software, you’ll find that the interfaces are simple, easy to use, and make a lot of sense in how they’re set up. You’ll be able to create seamless wireframes, stunning mockups, and realistic prototypes all within the same software; which, we might add, is cloud-based.

Sharing and collaboration are made simple with the cloud-based software, and you’ll receive email notifications anytime there are changes made to the design. Keep your team, your managers, and your clients all up to date with this web-based software for creating powerful prototypes.

Turning static design into great prototypes is Axure’s specialty, which is why it’s one of the most widely used and trusted prototyping sites out there. The pro version starts at around $29 per user per month, so it’s also an affordable design tool for your team.


Fluid UI is focused on one very important aspect of prototyping: speed. Rapid prototyping ensures that you’re maximizing your time and getting a feel for how your software, site, or mobile app will function before launching the final version.

With over 2,000 built-in components, plenty of graphics and icons, and an easy to use interface, you’ll be creating attractive, functional prototypes quickly and easily. What’s better than a working prototype? An interactive one, of course!

With Fluid, you can create interactive prototypes that function just like the real thing. Never worry whether a website or app is going to function exactly how you want it to; with Fluid, you’ll create an interactive prototype that’s as close to the final product as you can get.

Fluid does offer a demo, which is something that not all prototyping software does. This will allow you to feel out the software before choosing one of their paid offers, which start at $8.25/month for solo users and around $41/month for team packages. The team package is limited to only 5 users, but you can host unlimited projects and have access to all of the best features Fluid has to offer.


Draftium is a little different from its competitors in that it’s free. This tool is only for prototyping websites, but the fact that it’s free to use makes it an attractive option, despite all of the extra features its paid counterparts have to offer. Don’t let the lack of a price tag fool you, though, Drafitum is a powerful and easy to use prototyping tool.

With over 300 prototype templates, Drafitum can get your prototype up and running in just minutes. The prototyping process is based on blocks, so you won’t have to add or create them yourself, as they’re already there and ready to go. The idea is to simplify the design and prototyping process, and we think Draftium does a great job at doing just that.

Once your prototype is complete, you can publish it on the web and share the link with your team and the client for review. Your edits will be shown online, and your client will be able to get a solid idea of what the final project is going to look and feel like.

Overall, Daraftium is a great tool, even with its “free” price tag. Free doesn’t always mean high-quality, but in the case of this prototyping tool, we’ll go ahead and say that it’s definitely worth a try.


Remember that not all prototyping tools are created equal. Some have minimal features and some have so many extra features it’s difficult to tell what the software actually does. Make sure when you’re choosing one of these tools that the features it does have match you and your team’s specific needs. Always try a demo or trial version before you make a purchase, and check for good reviews on the software before using it.


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