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[Singapore] What You Googled This Year: Top Google Searches Of 2012

National Basketball Association (NBA) rising superstar Jeremy Lin emerged as the top name Singaporeans googled this year, beating out even its founding father Lee Kuan Yew (the infamous Amy Cheong of this saga also made the list), while the Olympics 2012 came out as the top trending search. In its newly released Zeitgeist, Google revealed the top search trends this year in Singapore after analyzing over one trillion search queries it received this year. South Korea also pretty much dominated our online searches, following the nation's seemingly abiding love for Korean pop and TV shows. Unsurprisingly, Korean pop sensation Psy's Gangnam Style was revealed as the top trending song this year - he was also the most searched K-Pop act - as Singaporeans contributed to the over 900 million views that catchy song has received on YouTube. Similarly, South Korean variety show Running Man was the most searched TV show. Korean BBQ even came out 6th in the 'Food & Drinks' category. When it comes to online shopping, UK-based ASOS was the most searched online store  but Singapore-based Zalora and Reebonz came out 2nd and 3rd respectively. "The year-end Zeitgeist is a cultural barometer showing us what quickened our national heartbeat and drove our curiosity," says Google spokesperson Sana Rahman. "This year, Singaporean searches for the best of Korean music and TV shows that the K-pop wave is more than just a fleeting trend, but rather a phenomenon here to stay." Here's the full list:
Singapore’s Trending Searches1      Olympics 20122      Gangnam Style 3      SOPA 4      Legoland Malaysia 5      Zerg Rush 6      City Harvest Church 7      JCube 8      Hurricane Sandy 9      KONY 2012 10    US Elections Singapore’s Trending People1      Jeremy Lin2      Lee Kuan Yew 3      Whitney Houston 4      Kate Middleton 5      Amy Cheong 6      Amanda Todd 7      Makiyo 8      Kony 9      Adele 10    Usain Bolt Trending Songs1      Gangnam Style2      Payphone 3      Titanium 4      Super Bass 5      Drive By 6      Starships 7      Lego House 8      Some Nights 9      Stereo Hearts 10    Wide Awake
Most Searched Travel Destinations1      Legoland Malaysia2      Hong Kong 3      Bangkok 4      Bintan 5      Bali 6      Maldives 7      Korea 8      Phuket 9      Langkawi 10    Genting Highlands Most Searched Kpop Acts1      Psy2      SNSD 3      Big Bang 4      Hyuna 5      Shinee 6      2NE1 7      Kim Jong Kook 8      Lee Hyori 9      Jay Park 10    SS501 Most Searched TV Shows1      Running Man2      Game of Thrones 3      Rooftop Prince 4      Vampire Diaries 5      Fairy Tail 6      Secret Garden 7      Jumong 8      Pretty Little Liars 9      Dream High 2 10    Love Rain
Most Searched Foods & Drinks1      Rainbow Cake2      Chilled Beancurd 3      Cupcakes 4      Chocolate Cake 5      Sushi 6      Korean Bbq 7      Pizza 8      Fried Chicken 9      Xiao Long Bao 10    Fish And Chips Most Searched Athletes1      Jeremy Lin2      Shinji Kagawa 3      Michael Phelps 4      Robin van Persie 5      Lebron James 6      Eden Hazard 7      Mckayla Maroney 8      Andy Murray 9      Son Yeon Jae 10    Feng Tianwei Most Searched News1      Diaoyu Islands2      Loan Shark 3      Syria 4      Eurozone 5      Hurricane Sandy 6      Costa Concordia 7      US Elections 8      Myanmar 9      Fukushima 10    MRT Breakdown
Most Searched ‘What is...?’1      What is SOPA?2      What is scientology? 3      What is LTE? 4      What is YOLO? 5      What is Gangnam? 6      What is KONY? 7      What is hypertension? 8      What is sustainability? 9      What is antimatter? 10    What is Bersih? Most Searches Newsmakers1      Mitt Romney2      Bo Xilai 3      Ng Boon Gay 4      Zhuo Yongkang 5      Ron Paul 6      Kong Hee 7      Yaw Shin Leong 8      Cecilia Sue 9      Lance Armstrong 10    Howard Shaw Most Searched Celebrities1      Kristen Stewart2      Lana Del Rey 3      Kate Upton 4      Tom Hardy 5      Liam Hemsworth 6      Morgan Freeman 7      Josh Hutcherson 8      Jeremy Renner 9      Taylor Schilling 10    Lee Hyun Woo
Most Searched Online Stores1      ASOS2      Zalora 3      Reebonz 4      Love Bonito 5      Etsy 6      Urban Outfitters 7      Agneselle 8      Rakuten 9      Hollyhoque 10    Dressabelle Most Searched Fashion Labels1      Louis Vuitton2      Kate Spade 3      Longchamp 4      Gucci 5      Chanel 6      Burberry 7      Hermes 8      Miu Miu 9      Balenciaga 10    Ralph Lauren Most Searched on Mobile1      Restaurants2      Bars 3      Liverpool 4      Arsenal 5      Manchester United 6      MRT Map 7      Coffee 8      Stomp 9      Euro 2012 10    Gangnam Style
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