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Urban Spoils Aggregates Daily Deals; Adds Relevance

Seattle-based Urban Spoils is a daily-deal aggregation service that capitalizing on the rising trend of social buying, where the best daily deals across group buying sites such as Groupon, Gilt, LivingSocial, Tippr, BuyWithMe and HomeRun are cherry-picked and aggregated on a single site.

Think of it as the US version of All Deals Asia, compiling deals from various American cities instead of across countries in Asia. Launched since June this year, the company has already scaled to over 80 US cities.

Behavioral Targeting To Social Buying

What differentiates Urban Spoils – according to the company’s announcement during last week’s TechCrunch Disrupt – is its technology, which includes scalable aggregation, presentation and a next generation personal relevance engine to help users find the most relevant deals for their needs. The deal ranking and recommendation engine not only considers explicit user selection of city and category, but also tracks implicit user behavior and preference for deal value, price, discount and popularity, and takes into account aggregate deal engagement metrics (clicks, purchases etc). The engine then assigns users into personas – such as ‘sophisticate’, ‘recessionista’, ‘social butterfly’ – and re-ranks deals for each user accordingly. It’s like social online profiling, if you will.

Urban Spoils profiles your buying behavior.

Urban Spoils profiles your buying behavior.

“We are passionate about building innovative products in social buying space,” says Naveen Gupta, co-founder of Urban Spoils. “Plus it’s intriguing to guess for each user, the most relevant two or three deals out of the 1000+ deals we feature on our site every day.”

“For now, we are happy to focus on the consumer experience and partner with many of the top players for revenue generation. But we are starting to talk to national brands, especially after the incredible user response to Gap’s promotion on Groupon,”adds Gupta.

Daniel Goh is the founder and chief editor of Young | Upstarts, as well as an F&B entrepreneur. Daniel has a background in public relations, and is interested in issues in entrepreneurship, small business, marketing, public relations and the online space. He can be reached at daniel [at] youngupstarts [dot] com.

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  • Urban Spoils is officially deadpooled. Check out Dibbsly – – for more deals (which also include distance based search tools/filters).

  • acrossenger

    Any other website?

  • Also, please check out

    Geoflake collects all daily deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, Tippr, BuyWithMe + 60 other sites and categorize it (like Food & Drink, Entertainment, Gym and fitness, etc.). User can then filter deals based on these categories. Geoflake is also tying up with local merchants who can submit a deal for free.

  • Check out

    Its great and cuts down on my daily flood of emails.

  • covers San Diego deals pretty well.

  • Matt

    What happened to Urban Spoils??

    • i am wondering too. It’s been down for a while..

  • mak

    Actually AllDealsAsia is not the only one doing this.

    I found another website which is quite similar to it. they are all daily deal aggregators which I find quite useful.

    • mak
      • Jean

        haha.. we heard that they are started by Jack Woo, one of Bigdeal’s founder’s boyfriend. So Grouponfire is by the same Bigdeal people… even their CSS style and look and feel of site looks like Bigdeal!

        I think All Deals Asia is a better site because they are neutral

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      @youngupstarts Thanks for the mention.