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[Interview] Lorenzo Bonfiglio, Head Of Expansion And Strategy At xNomad


Lorenzo Bonfiglio

Lorenzo Bonfiglio is a seasoned global executive with a robust background in high-growth and technology-driven sectors.

Currently based in Los Angeles, he holds the position of Head of Expansion and Strategy at xNomad, a marketplace platform headquartered in Sweden that focuses on facilitating temporary retail pop-ups.

In this role, Lorenzo has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth into key markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom. His responsibilities span a variety of business areas including operations, finance, and strategic planning, where he has successfully implemented pivotal strategies contributing to xNomad’s success.

Prior to his tenure at xNomad, Lorenzo served as a strategy lead at CloudKitchens, a real estate technology firm valued at $15 billion, which provides comprehensive ghost kitchen services to the food delivery industry. His expertise at CloudKitchens was multifaceted, encompassing global real estate acquisitions, partnership development, and management of the company’s internship programs.

Lorenzo’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident early in his career. As a student, he co-founded Pronto System, an innovative startup that developed a delivery application capable of providing essential goods to customers within a mere five minutes. His involvement with Pronto System was comprehensive, covering strategy, operations, marketing, recruitment, product development, and business development.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Lorenzo is deeply committed to community service and philanthropy. He offers his expertise as an advisor to artists and gallery owners, and actively engages in volunteer work with various nonprofit organizations. He supports California YIMBY, an advocacy group based in Sacramento that promotes housing legislation to address California’s housing shortage. Additionally, he contributes to Abundant Housing LA’s efforts to improve housing affordability in Los Angeles. Lorenzo also dedicates his time as a coordinator for the Walkabout Foundation, which is focused on providing wheelchairs and rehabilitation services worldwide, as well as funding research for spinal cord injuries.

Lorenzo is trilingual, fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish, which complements his extensive international travel experience and provides him with a broad global business perspective. He is an alumnus of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., where he earned his degree in economics.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Lorenzo to ask him about his experience in tech-driven sectors and see what he advises for those who want to follow in his footsteps.

Welcome, Lorenzo. It’s great to have you with us today. To kick things off, could you share what initially drew you to the world of high-growth and tech-driven environments?

Thank you for having me. My fascination with high-growth and tech-driven environments began early in my career — while I was still a student, in fact. I was always intrigued by the pace at which technology could scale solutions and impact various industries. My co-founding experience with Pronto System, a startup focused on rapid delivery, solidified my interest. The ability to directly address consumer needs through technology was incredibly rewarding.

You’ve played a significant role in xNomad’s expansion into the US and the UK. What were some of the challenges you faced during this process, and how did you overcome them?

Expanding into new markets always comes with its set of challenges, from understanding local consumer behavior to navigating regulatory landscapes. For xNomad, aligning our marketplace platform with the specific needs of the US and UK markets required a deep dive into local retail trends and regulations. We overcame these challenges by building a strong local team and leveraging key strategic partnerships that helped us adapt and scale our operations effectively.

Your career has spanned various roles, from strategy lead at CloudKitchens to advising artists and gallery owners. How do you adapt your strategy and leadership style across such diverse fields?

The core of my approach lies in understanding the unique dynamics and needs of each field. Whether it’s the fast-paced world of food delivery or the nuanced art market, I focus on the fundamentals: clear communication, fostering a culture of innovation, and always being open to learning. Adapting my strategy involves listening closely to stakeholders and being flexible enough to pivot when necessary.

Generative AI is a trend you’re particularly excited about. How do you see it impacting the future of retail and marketplaces like xNomad?

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize retail by personalizing the shopping experience and optimizing operations. For marketplaces like xNomad, it could enhance how we match pop-up spaces with brands by analyzing vast amounts of data to predict trends and recommend optimal placements. It’s about creating more value for both space owners and brands, making the marketplace more dynamic and efficient.

You’ve mentioned the importance of being well-rounded and open to learning from a variety of experiences. Can you share a personal habit or practice that helps you maintain this mindset?

One practice I’ve found invaluable is dedicating time each day to read from a wide range of sources. Whether it’s industry news, literature, or even exploring new hobbies, this habit keeps my perspective fresh and broadens my understanding of the world. It’s about staying curious and not being afraid to step outside my comfort zone.

Finally, what advice would you give to young professionals aspiring to lead and innovate in their fields?

My advice would be to embrace the power of networking and mentorship. Building relationships with individuals across different industries can provide diverse insights and opportunities. Also, don’t underestimate the value of resilience. Innovation involves taking risks and facing setbacks, but it’s through these challenges that we grow and learn the most.

Lorenzo, thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us today. Your journey is truly inspiring.

It was my pleasure. Thank you for having me.