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Best Free PDF To Word Converters


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Various formats for documents exist, including PDF, Word, document files, formatted text, and plain text. Of these, Word and PDF are some of the most popular in the business world and academia. PDF files are popular because they can be accessed across different devices and operating systems without losing formatting. However, from time to time, you may feel the need to convert your PDF files to Word, especially if you want to edit the text directly within the file. Since most people are already comfortable and unfamiliar with Microsoft Word, converting documents from PDF to Word makes sense. Other than allowing you to edit the document, you may also need to convert files from PDF to Word if you cannot access a reliable PDF reader.

Here are some of the good PDF to Word converters free that even professional typing service providers can vouch for.

Adobe Acrobat for the Best Overall PDF Tool

In our view, the best PDF to doc converter is Adobe. One of the most notable things about top PDF to Word converters like Adobe is that they aren’t limited to one file type. Adobe, for instance, allows users to convert PDFs to MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and back again to PDF. Those looking to make the most of their PDF files should consider Acrobat DC it allows them to create PDF files from scratch, edit within the platform, and collaborate through Document Cloud. Users can also convert the files they need to just about any format. Furthermore, adobe can be used on any mobile device or desktop.

Adobe allows users to easily turn PDFs into editable Word files. All you need to do is drag and drop your PDF file into a dedicated toolbox, then download a converted file. The tool also allows you to convert PDF to Word fast and the resulting document will be in the expected format. Those using the PDF to Word conversion tool can also edit the documents in MS Word for free, right from Acrobat. Furthermore, adobe allows users to download or share the files the files they create and work online from anywhere.

WPS PDF to Word Converter for Speedy Conversions

A convert PDF to Word best program in terms of speed is WPS. This is another amazing conversion tool available for free online. If you are looking for a speedy tool that will convert your files into Word documents within seconds, then this is the tool for you. WPS is a premiere software that allows people to convert PDF documents into Word, with a variety of options and advanced settings. Users can even go further to create new text-based content in the documents, making adjustments before converting the files back to PDF format.

You can insert comments anywhere on the file and have a friend or colleague review the information and sign the document. This makes sharing information effective and is particularly ideal when collaborating on projects.

A notable advantage of using the WPS conversion tool is that it allows a 7-day trial period, during which you can use the platform without any charges. This allows users to explore the features that interest them before deciding to enter a paid arrangement. The user interface is also simple and functional, making it beginner-friendly and ideal when you want a program convert PDF to Word free and fast. The tool is also usable across multiple platforms, including Windows and Mac. The only problem with this platform is that there is a limit to the number of pages you can convert for free.

PDF Candy for the Simplest User Interface

PDF Candy is one of the best PDF to Word online converters on the market, allowing users to benefit from a clean and simplified interface. The interface makes navigation more fluid and allows users to convert files with just a click. A user can begin converting files immediately when they get on the PDF Candy page.

Many people struggle with different PDF-to-Word conversion tools because they come with numerous options. You don’t need to worry about this with PDF Candy as the process is quite simple. After landing on the homepage of this convert PDF to Word free app, you can dive directly into the conversion process. There are numerous formats you can choose from and the tool will immediately start the conversion process. The tool also allows users to convert multiple file types back to PDF.

One of the most desirable things about using PDF candy is that it is completely online. This means that users don’t need to download files other than the one processed after the conversion is complete. You also don’t need to stress about installation hassles or updates. Furthermore, PDF Candy comes with one of the most user-friendly UIs you can find, with a clean and functional homepage. There is a grid-like menu that organizes all the tools available for easy access.

Additional Tips for Choosing the Best Tools

It is important to note that the best PDF to Word conversion tool will depend on your needs and budget. Most free tools have their advantages and limitations. So, while modern browsers allow you to read PDF documents, they seldom go beyond highlighting and saving. You will need to look for a reliable, fast, and simple conversion tool, especially if you have multiple files. Choose a PDF to doc best converter that will not compromise image quality and one that supports bulk conversions. For sensitive documents, choose a platform that allows you to convert and edit documents offline.

The Bottom Line

This article summarizes some of the strengths and weaknesses of the top free conversion tools you can find in the market. Understand that most PDF editors like Adobe allow you to convert PDF files to Word. That said, you can still find amazing converters dedicated solely to document conversion across multiple platforms and formats. Some of the free converters are browser-based, meaning that you won’t need to download, install or update the tools.



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