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 Not Using Social? Here Are 3 Ways You’re Missing Out


Nearly nine in 10 consumers say they will purchase from a brand they follow via social media. And around eight in 10 admit they’ll favor such a brand over a rival brand. 

Since social media can help you reach consumers, grab their attention, and set yourself apart, you can’t afford to ignore it or underutilize it when marketing your business. With 4.8 billion social media users globally, you’re potentially ignoring 92.7% of all internet users and 59.9% of the world’s population if you’re not using social media. 

Whether you already make good use of social media or you’ve been slow to use it for your business marketing efforts, here’s a look at three ways social media can help. 

You’ll be able to communicate your company’s unique value proposition and get ahead.

1. Brand Awareness.

Remember that stat about the nearly 5 billion people on the planet on social media? Imagine being able to target consumers fitting your demographic in different cities, different countries, and different continents. Social media provides the tools to do so.

You can increase brand awareness by using social media to drill down and focus on your target demographic. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others make reaching out to people who fit your ideal customer profile easy. You can target consumers based on criteria that include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Age
  • Language
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Income

Instead of casting out a sizeable proverbial net and reaching tons of people who aren’t likely to be interested in your products or services, you can target specific consumers. It’s about maximizing your marketing budget and getting a return on your investment.

2. Consumer Engagement.

The average user spends approximately 2.5 hours daily on social media. That adds up to 864 hours annually or the equivalent of 36 days a year. So, you’ll have plenty of time to engage with your target demographic and encourage them to reciprocate. 

It takes multiple exposures to your brand for consumers to become familiar with it and want to purchase your products or services. So, the time many people spend on social media can benefit your company since you’ll have opportunities to engage them.

Developing an effective consumer engagement strategy will take time. You’ll want your company’s marketing department to lead the initiative, monitor progress, and adjust as needed. You might want to hold strategy meetings at work to brainstorm and discuss ways to boost consumer engagement. If the weather’s okay, you get outside your business space to enjoy the great outdoors with a BBQ, an outdoor pizza oven, or a potluck so that everyone’s on the same page and the creative juices start to flow.

3. Enhance Customer Experience.

Customer experience is something you need to invest in. Consider the following findings about the importance of offering a great customer experience

  • 84% of businesses that prioritize customer experience realize a revenue boost
  • 96% of consumers say they’ll show brand loyalty if the customer service is good
  • 77% of people say inadequate customer experiences reduce their quality of life 

You can’t afford to drop the ball regarding customer experience. Many consumers will seek other businesses to patronize if they’re unimpressed with your commitment to providing a stellar customer experience. You can improve customer experience by using social media to communicate with consumers, solicit their feedback, respond to their concerns, and provide value through customer service and helpful information.

Whether you operate your small business from an office or from your home, you must invest in marketing to grow and avoid complacency. Social media is one way to reach your target demographic, turn them into customers, and grow your business.