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What Are The Digital Marketing Trends In 2023?


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For 2023 and beyond, many businesses are already planning their digital marketing strategies. Here are some of the biggest trends in digital marketing that can help grow your success. Smart businesses look for the latest trends to incorporate to maximize their results and impact.

Metaverse 1

Digital marketers are buzzing about the metaverse. Metaverses are a broad term used to describe immersive virtual experiences that take place online, usually with others. A number of big brands have announced metaverse experiences, including Starbucks, Nike, and many others. The metaverse is generating a lot of excitement, but many businesses don’t have concrete use cases (or returns on investment) yet.

“You need to immerse yourself in the metaverse and experiment. Look for opportunities for your business to participate in and keep your eyes open for others in your industry. Don’t worry about going all in yet, because most businesses are still in the experimental phase of the metaverse.” says Gerald Crosthwaite, Managing Director of TechTarget.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“One of the quietest trends in digital marketing over the past few years has been AI integration into almost every digital marketing channel. Social media posts, search results, and advertisements are influenced by algorithms. AI is making marketing smarter, connecting consumers to the right messages and products.” says Robin, Chief Marketing Officer of KodeKloud.

Analyze how AI is changing the core aspects of your digital marketing channels, understand how the algorithms are impacting your results, and optimize your content strategy accordingly.

The customer experience

“Most algorithms and AI optimize for a good user experience in digital marketing. During the past year, search engine optimization (SEO) updates have focused on providing the most helpful content to users. By focusing more on your customers’ experiences, you can beat the algorithms and delight them.”

“You can future-proof your digital marketing by focusing on the user and optimizing their experience. All algorithms are based on improving the user experience, so this will protect you against future algorithm updates.” says Vaibhav Kakkar, CEO & Founder of Digital Web Solutions.

Videos of a short length

“It is undeniable that TikTok and Instagram Reels are taking over social media feeds and consumers’ attention.For businesses to stay relevant, they must appear in the channels and formats where their customers are. It’s good news that short video formats are becoming more available in social media management tools and schedulers, so businesses will have an easier time planning and posting next year.” says Julie Betts, CEO of FlabUp.

Watch Reels and TikTox to learn more about the format, content and appeal. Next, post short videos for your business and experiment with them. You can test and learn your way to success by using these powerful platforms that are earning so much attention and time.

Messages that are simple and clear

“Short-form video takes over and attention spans are dropping, which means businesses must communicate in short, quick soundbites to capture mobile users’ attention.”

Make your marketing and brand priorities sound-bite-able in short sentences or quick ideas. Try copying popular short video formats and shortening your message.” says Steven Boys, CEO of Tunnel Drive.

The influencers

“Increasingly, businesses find opportunities to break through the noise with organic-seeming content using influencers. As the advertising landscape becomes increasingly cluttered, businesses need to find new ways to reach their target audiences. For years, influencer marketing has been on the rise, and this trend will only continue as influencers build up larger and larger audiences that marketers can tap into.” says Sofia Hamberg, Content Director of Flightradar UK.

See how your competitors or other industries are leveraging influencers.

Advocacy on behalf of employees

A business’s employee advocacy program aims to get employees talking and sharing on behalf of the company. A person’s personal profile and assets are often more effective at reaching a larger audience more authentically than a company’s accounts and assets. A significant opportunity exists in harnessing this power—especially in business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

The next step is to evaluate your employees’ potential to contribute to marketing efforts and build a plan to engage them. An engagement plan includes training, tools, and resources to motivate and excite employees to speak up for the company.

The Power of LinkedIn in B2B

“In the past few years, LinkedIn has shown record growth and engagement. In two years, it is expected to account for 25% of B2B advertising. A growing number of businesses are using LinkedIn for growth. However, few take advantage of this opportunity. I believe LinkedIn will continue to grow and the opportunity will only grow. You can disproportionately benefit by jumping in early.” says Alex Federo, Co-Owner of FTW Concrete Contractors.

Build LinkedIn into your plans strategically. Optimize your content. Grow your audience, and look for new features and opportunities to accelerate your growth.