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4 Top Tips For Building The Best Business Headquarters


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If you’re thinking about building a new headquarters for your business, you might want to consider creating a plan for the exciting execution of your company, and potential improvements along the way.

The right business location can make all the difference, so check out these four tips for designing a a business headquarters worthy of recognition.

1. Be Clever With Your Space.

Space is incredibly important for storage solutions, not to mention ensuring that your staff have adequate space for working.

You might want to invest in smart storage solutions that can be hidden to maximise space to give your office a clean and neutral look. Companies like Furniture @ Work can help you find the best storage solutions to suit your business without any hassle. With free delivery to the UK, you’re certain to find a great deal.

2. Use Folding Screens.

In an open plan office space, folding screens can be a saving grace for a quick meeting or discussion, or to grant some quick privacy. Screens can also help to reduce noise levels across an open plan office space, which will increase productivity for employees and prevent distraction.

Whether you opt for floor-to-ceiling screens, or for deskside screens for privacy, you’ll want to consider investing in some high quality fixtures to ensure their longevity.

Companies like Accu are invested in providing the highest quality fixtures and fittings like assembly hardware, nuts, washers and spacers for your business.

This way you never have to worry about the integrity of your furnishings, and you can feel assured that they will function many years into the future.

3. Make it Bright and Airy.

No one wants to feel like they’re working in a box, so making your office space bright and airy will help with your employees’ wellbeing and productivity.

Install large windows that can be opened (even on a restrictor) which will bring some sunlight into the office space. If you paint the walls a light neutral colour, this will keep the room from feeling dark and oppressive.

You may also want to install decorations with relevance to the company like encouraging quotes. You may also want to place some plants around the office, as they can be helpful for circulating fresh air to maximise concentration.

Garden centres like Dobbies have a wide range of plants to choose from that will liven up your office space with some colour and character.

4. Have a Relaxation Space for Staff.

It’s important that staff can have a relaxing area to spend their breaks, eat their lunch and socialise in working hours. This will help to build good relationships in the team and encourage good morale during stressful times.

You can fill your break space with comfortable furniture, attractive art, noticeboards containing relevant information, and a table to eat at, which will contribute to the homely atmosphere.

If you want to cover your walls in bright posters, you can find a wide variety on websites like Poster Store for fast and affordable delivery.

Do you have any ideas for building the best business headquarters? Share your thoughts in the comments below!