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Business Growth Starts From Within: How To Attract Top Talent


What do you think of when you are asked about ways to grow a business? Usually, it will start with marketing tips. You will be told how to define a market and then ways to reach consumers in order to increase sales. While boosting your bottom line is a key factor in business growth, it doesn’t start there.

In fact, business growth should actually start from within. Employees are the foundation of business growth which is why this is where you should focus your initial efforts when seeking to ramp up growth. Are you in need of a few key players? If so, there are several ways to attract them to your business, leaving the competition behind.

Superior Benefits Packages

One of the most sought after perks within today’s business professionals are those superior benefits packages that many corporations are able to offer. If you think about just how important those key players are in your business, isn’t it worth investing in benefits packages that will be the main attraction?

With the rising cost of healthcare, most professionals look at the kind of coverage an employer offers. They seek the leading insurers, the type of healthcare plan offered (i.e. PPO vs. HMO) and then supplemental insurance coverage. You might want to begin your quest by exploring supplemental health benefits products from InComm. By offering your employees everything from OTC health products to Healthy Foods benefits, you will be attracting the best of the best in today’s market.

Inclusive Company Culture

There is still a great deal of discontent within many of today’s businesses large and small. We are living in an age when diversity and inclusion should be embraced because this is something that has been lacking for far too long – forever in fact!

Especially in the United States, we are a melting pot of people from all over the world, and from every culture. Gone are the days of nepotism because it really is what you know and NOT who you know. Undoing gender bias is huge at the moment, so a diverse and inclusive workforce will give you greater options when choosing the best person for the job.

Job-Related Flexible Working Options

To the degree where it is possible, it pays to offer flex working conditions whenever possible. While you couldn’t offer this option to manufacturing employees working production lines, you could give key office and administrators the option for working part of the time from their home office. Many of today’s key players had a taste of working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic and now they are looking for jobs that make flex work possible, at least part of the time.

Remember, your key takeaway in all this is that your employees are your most important asset so if you want to grow your business, this is the first place you should be looking to invest. Give them those coveted supplemental benefits packages, make every employee as valued as members on the Board of Directors, and give them options in working conditions best suited to them. It boils down to this: if you want to grow your business you will need the people who can help you do just that.