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How To Select The Best Job Applicant


Working in recruitment requires a great deal of skills. For instance, as a recruiter, you need to make an important choice and hire the most suitable candidate. It would be really efficient to read about what could help you reach the best decision when selecting a future employee.

You can use the next suggestions from New Millennia to get a better understanding of how to assess applicants during a job interview in an effective manner.

Try to read the candidate’s body language accurately.

Pay attention to how the applicant is responding, by assessing their body language, not just their verbal replies. Eye contact, gestures, arm movements, and handshakes are some aspects to keep in mind when observing the interviewee’s reactions.

Body language provides valuable insight into how the person is feeling, as well as what personality they possess. Try to assess the person’s attitude carefully, as this will help you determine whether or not they’re interested in the position.

Focus on the applicant’s specific achievements and expertise.

When asking questions, see if the candidate’s responses are logical and relevant. Use the STAR method, which stands for situation, target, action, and result, to examine this aspect. In this way, you can find out about their significant professional accomplishments and previous work experience.

Ask about their passion outside of work.

It’s always a good idea to learn what kind of person the applicant you’re interviewing is, both at work and outside of the professional setting. Make an effort to be as open and conversational as possible throughout the interview because the human aspect of the interviewing process is key.

You need to remember that, at the end of the day, your candidate is just a normal human being who has their own personality, interests, and needs. Asking about their hobbies will show them that you view them as a person, not just as a potential employee. Learning about their passion will also give you some valuable insight into who they are and how they might act at work and interact with their colleagues.

Pay attention to what sort of questions they have for you.

All of the applicants ask the hiring manager several questions concerning the role, the organisation, and the company’s culture. Think about whether the questions they’re asking are actually insightful or not. Consider whether or not they’re showing the right amount of enthusiasm for the job.

Last but not least, always ask yourself the next five questions.

There are five main questions you want to answer about the applicant before you decide to offer them the position. They are the following:

  • Will the candidate be able to do the job properly?
  • Is this person motivated enough for this role?
  • Did the interviewee seem to want to acquire new skills?
  • Does this particular applicant seem coachable?
  • Are they a good match when it comes to the company culture?

Ensure that you take into consideration more than just the candidate’s abilities, skills, personal qualities, and experience. The applicant you wish to hire must showcase the potential to grow professionally, both independently and as part of a team.



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