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How To Take An Unusual And Interesting Photo


If you’re interested in photography, you’re probably wondering how you can take more unusual and interesting photos. The good news is that with just a little bit of technical knowledge and some in-camera tricks, you’ll find you can create some truly impressive shots.

Focus On A Single Color.

If you focus on just one color, you can create a visually aesthetic photo that will be truly unique. Try to find similar colors in a single location, or emphasize certain colors when you’re editing your images. This will make your shots look far more appealing. 

Shoot From A Range Of Angles.

Rather than always taking your shots from eye level, think about shooting from a very high or very low angle instead. You can even rotate your camera for a completely different viewpoint. 

Use Some In-Camera Tricks.

Try panning, freelancing, or zooming while you’re taking an image. These tricks will enable you to experiment with your compositions and create unusual shots. 

Emphasize Overlooked Details.

Usually, when you take photographs, you focus on the main subject, blurring out the background. However, a unique way to take photos is by breaking this rule. Focusing away from the subject stretches the imagination, making images look diverse and unique. For example, instead of photographing a person’s face, focus on a strand of their hair or their hand. 

Make Everyday Items Your Props.

Some of the best unique images feature everyday things in an unusual setting. Think about how you can use regular objects and items to create a fantasy-themed photo. For example, hair can become a scarf, or flour can look like rain. 

Use Reflections.

Once you start looking for reflections, you’ll be amazed by the number of places where you can find them. Water, windows, glass buildings… the list goes on. Reflections are great places to see beautiful patterns and symmetry that makes for very interesting photos. 

Use Filters And Lenses.

Feel free to use tools to take unusual photos. There are numerous lens filters and lenses that you can employ to change how your images look. For example, tilt-shift lenses can give you a new perspective on an ordinary photo. 

Zoom In For Abstract Images.

Using a macro lens is a great way to create abstract images. You can focus on all kinds of details such as textures and features, using them to come up with thought-provoking shots. 

Limit The Light For A Dramatic Atmosphere.

Lighting can be the key to a perfect photo, so to make your images stand out, you can try experimenting with limited light and highlights. Use a single light source, for example, a window or torch, while doing your photoshoot. The result will be dramatic and eye-catching. 

Create Motion Blur.

Motion blurring techniques can be used to focus on how things move. Intentionally doing this gives your image’s personality while creating smoothness in your shots. Put your camera on a tripod and use a slow shutter speed to achieve the best results as you shoot animals, birds, and people as they move.

Using The Right Equipment.

As you can see, there are many ways to turn photography on its head and create truly unique and unusual images that will leave everyone amazed. However, you’ll need to ensure you have good-quality photographic equipment to achieve the best possible results. With the best MPB discount code, you can invest in the best photographic equipment to enhance your shots and to help you make more progress in your photography journey. Before you know it, you’ll be coming up with stunning shots that catch the eye for all the right reasons. 


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