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How To Share A TikTok Video On Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram


TikTok has evolved much in the field of social media rather than other platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and more. As people are more interested in watching short-length videos as they take less time and convey messages easily. Although there are several ways through which you can increase the reach of your TikTok account. 

But sharing your video content on multiple platforms will help you get more traffic from different social media accounts. You’ll be able to get organic followers in a short time. For that, you should have an idea that how you can share a TikTok video on any platform whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other.

To grow your audience you also have to make sure that you are connected with them and remain active on social media platforms. Some users even look for reliable sources to get several services that also includes Instagram profile viewer to check the interests of their followers. 

Connecting with your viewers through your video content, comments and video replies to their comments will bring you more engagement. It’s better to learn how you can share your TikTok videos on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook to attract more followers to your account and increase your reach.

Besides sharing your TikTok videos you can also look for several video editing tools to make your videos look more appealing and attract customers. You can create beautiful slides to share on your Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp by adding cool filters and stickers. Create content according to the demand of your followers and then share it.

How to Share a TikTok Video on Facebook?

TikTok is a great video content-sharing platform and it knows the requirements of its customers and what sort of content they are expecting to watch. You can scroll through your phone and watch video content of several creators from different niches including comics, dramas, thrillers, and much more. You can share such entertaining videos with people outside TikTok. Below is the guide to show you how you can share TikTok videos on Facebook.

  • To share your TikTok content you should have a TikTok account obviously:
  • Get ready for your TikTok accou
  • Download the TikTok app from your App store or Google st
  • Start your app on your phone
  •  Enter all the necessary details to create your account, and give all your information as required. Don’t worry it’ll remain safe.
  • Access your TikTok account
  • Just look for the app that you just downloaded and enter it into your account by providing a username and password.
  •  Search for the video you want to share
  • You can select from the list of videos in the TikTok profile that you want to share.
  •  After that click on 3 horizontal dots at the bottom right of the video
  • You’ll be able to see several options to share your videos after clicking those dots.
  • To share it on Facebook you have to choose the icon of Facebook from those options.
  • After clicking on that Facebook icon you’ll be redirected toward Facebook. That TikTok will be shown on your Facebook. You can add further features of Facebook on it by adding tags, descriptions, and your current mood. You can also set the limits of your video that who can view it and who not from its privacy settings.
  • Choose the sharing destination on Facebook
  • Once you have edited your video and added new features to it, now you can click on the share button. But before that, you can choose the destination of your video where you want to share it. Whether on your stories, feeds, in a particular group or page, or on your friend’s timeline.

How to Share a TikTok Video on WhatsApp?

Sharing your entertaining videos from TikTok to your WhatsApp contacts will help you gain more followers and people would love to see content from you and ask you to share more. If you don’t have any idea how you can share your TikTok videos on WhatsApp. Below is the procedure for you:

  • Find your favorite video from the list of videos on your TikTok profile.
  • For that, you need to go to your home page and from there click on the video you want to share.
  • Then you have to click on the Share option
  • After finding the video that you want to share you have to choose the share option on your screen.
  •  Directly send to WhatsApp
  • After you choose the share option from your screen several different options will appear. Including Facebook, Instagram, or others from there click on the WhatsApp icon.
  •  Choose Destination
  • Just like on FaceBook you can choose from here too where you want to share that video. If you want to send it to a particular contact on WhatsApp select it from the list of your contacts or you can search on the bar above. Otherwise, you can also share it directly to your WhatsApp status.
  • Simply click send
  • After you have selected your desired contacts you can click on the send button and it would be done.

How to Share a TikTok Video on Instagram?

To increase your engagement rate on Instagram you can also buy Instagram followers from Explore IG. For increased reach, you can share your TikTok video easily on Instagram, it’s up to you whether you want to share your videos in public or priva

Share TikTok Videos with the Public on Instagram

  • Open TikTok create a new video or choose from the previous ones in the list from your profile.
  • After all the editing and customization click on next, then click on the public from the options of “who can view this video”.
  • Next, you have to choose between feeds and stories on Instagram.

Share TikTok Videos with Private Viewers on Instagram

  • You have to repeat all the steps given above, just choose the private option rather than the public.
  • Then choose me and select your private video on TikTok.
  • From there click on 3 horizontal dots on right.
  • Click on save video
  • Then go to your Instagram app and click on the ‘+’ button at the bottom.
  • Then click on the videos that you want to share from the collection on your phone and then click on Next.
  • The video will be posted on your Instagram.


Sharing your creativity of TikTok videos on any platform is easy and takes less time. All you need is just to follow these easy instructions and drag your TikTok audience to other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others.