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Top Ways To Rejig Your CV


It has been shown that on average companies take about seven seconds to look at a CV before they decide whether or not you are suitable for a job. This means that first impressions are so important to your success. However, with the competition so strong in the market just now, it is difficult to know how you can get your CV to stand out for all of the right reasons to an employer.

If you have been struggling with this, then here is a little bit of advice for you in order to make your CV more attractive to your potential employer.

Use a template.

This may sound like a risky thing to do when you want to get your CV to stand out. However, resume templates are a great way to focus your writing and to help you organize your CV so that it is attractive to your employer’s eye. There is nothing worse than having blocks and blocks of text. Even the most interested person will struggle to make it through a dense piece of literature. Make sure to be succinct and to the point with your CV and use a template to guide you when you are choosing what to write about.

Start Strong.

When you are beginning with your CV remember those first impressions are crucial. Due to this, it is important to start strong with a summary of your skills and accomplishments. Make sure that these are tailored to the job you are going for so that you can grab the attention of the recruiter immediately. Don’t forget that the personal part of your CV is also important. It gives you a chance to display how you are so right for the job and what kind of person you are going to be in the workplace.

Focus on results.

Instead of just focusing on your responsibilities you should focus on the results of your work. You should use quantifiable data which will highlight your skills and responsibilities. You should use real statistics on your CV. This will give you a chance to really showcase your skills as it can give real-life examples of how you have made an impact in your workplace and how vital you have been in past projects. These are all things that your new employer will appreciate.

Respond to the job.

You should create your CV with the objective to respond directly to the job description and explain why you are the most perfect candidate for the role. You can sell yourself by using your past achievements. It will also demonstrate that you have an understanding of the role that you are applying for. This may mean that you have to spend more time on your CV, but it will be worth it when you get the job.

Sorting out your CV.

This is something that is a struggle for many people. It used to be that you could provide a list of your past jobs and get the chance to interview for a position. However, these days there are so many people competing for jobs, you need to make sure your application stands out.


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