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Going To A Convention? Consider Taking A Private Car Service


Are you headed to a convention to network with other professionals in your industry? Whether you’re showing up as a guest or a vendor, you’ve got some logistics to work out. Aside from figuring out what you want to explore when you get there, you’ll also need to figure out how you’ll get there. This part isn’t as simple as it seems. 

Depending on where the convention is, you might be able to drive a short distance, or you might need to catch a plane. Either way, it’s likely to be a stressful experience. That is, unless you hire a car service to take you there, stress-free. 

Thinking about flying? Take a car service instead

Many people fly to conventions even when they’re located just a few hours away. Sometimes it’s easier to catch a short flight than it is to deal with renting a comfortable car to drive back and forth. However, a better option is to hire a long-distance car service.

When you hire a car, you’ll save even more time than you would by flying. If your trip is anywhere between 2-6 hours, you’ll spend less time getting to your destination with a hired car than you would be catching a flight. All you’ll need to do is be ready at your pick-up time, load your bags, and get in the car. Your car will drop you off where you need to go, and at that point, you can rent a car locally, but you might be fine taking public transportation. 

You can also schedule a return drive home when you’re done with your convention. When you do this, you’ll never have to rush to the airport or even consider what the traffic is like. As long as you schedule your pick-ups in advance, you’ll be okay.

Three reasons to take a private car to your convention

Even when your destination is close by, hiring a private car to get to a convention is ideal for several reasons. 

  1. You’re more likely to be on time.

When you hire a private car to get to and from your convention, you’re more likely to be on time because it’s a professional service with a reputation to maintain. Reputable chauffeur companies take their obligations seriously and take every measure to ensure they get you to your destination on time. The same can’t be said for getting casual rides from friends and colleagues. 

When you rely on a friend or colleague to drive your group to a convention, they might get held up by family issues, unexpected traffic, or a last-minute car breakdown. You just never know what might happen.

With a hired car, it’s always possible for people in your group to make you late, but it’s less likely because none of you will need to drive. Having a friend be the designated driver is risky because if they’re late, you’ll all be late. A professional chauffeur service, however, takes pride in being on time. 

  1. Airport hassles exist for short flights.

If you’ve never taken a short flight to visit a convention, you might be thinking it will be easier than taking a long flight. However, you can expect the same delays and disruptions that normally occur at the airport. The airport doesn’t care how short your flight is – the hassles are always there.

You’ll still need to wait in line to pass through security, deal with TSA agents, and possibly be asked to step aside for an in-depth screening. You’ll have to check your baggage, wait for your plane, and then board your plane with tons of other people.

There’s no way to avoid stress at the airport. The only way to avoid airport stress is to not fly and drive instead.

  1. You don’t really want to drive.

Even people who love driving don’t want to drive under pressure to get to a convention on time. It’s much easier to get in a car and have someone drive you to your destination. You don’t have to worry about small details like stopping for gas, checking your fluids and tire pressure, etc.

Leave the driving to the pros.

Whether you’re headed to a convention 30 minutes away or six hours away, hire a long-distance car to take you there. You’ll feel better and less stressed when your only concern is keeping track of your luggage.