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8 Unique Ways To Boost Employee Morale At Your Startup


When running a successful business, you must consider many different aspects. One of the most important is employee morale. The more invested your employees are in your company’s success, the more productive they will be at work.

Here are some things you can do to boost employee morale:

1. Encourage Team Building.

One of the best ways to boost employee morale is by encouraging team building. Team building is a process that helps build trust and camaraderie among group members. It, in turn, leads to positive results for your business. You can encourage team building in many ways, whether through fun activities like going out on a hike or trying something new together at work.

Tailor team-building activities to fit any business. It could be from small startups with a handful of employees to large corporations with hundreds or thousands of workers. They are also an excellent way for employees from different departments within your company to get to know one another better. Something beneficial if you want everyone working on your project or initiative.

2. Healthy Work-Life Balance.

A healthy work-life balance is essential for both your employees and the business. However, it can be challenging to get this balance right. According to Zippia Research, 77% of workers have gone through burnout at least once while working in their present positions. It indicates poor health and less motivation and affects productivity as well.

An effective way to encourage a healthy work-life balance is by measuring how much time employees spend working or on personal activities during their day. Make sure employees have enough time away from work and if they don’t have enough, consider giving them some paid vacation time. It will help them recharge their batteries before getting back into the swing of things at work.

3. Introduce Catered Lunch Services.

If you’re looking to help your employees feel like they’re working at a Fortune 500 company, investing in office lunch catering for businesses and services is a great way to go. Offering quality lunch makes employees feel valued by the owner as it keeps them happy. And then, with good office catering services and options, it is certainly icing on the cake.

  • Provide various food options: You can improve morale by providing various healthy and unhealthy options, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Also, low-fat, low-sodium, and low-calorie choices are good. Employees always appreciate these benefits for their workers’ health and wellness.
  • Keep it fresh: Having fresh food delivered regularly improves employee morale because it shows that you care about their health.

4. Offer Company-Wide Gifts on Holidays.

You can offer company-wide gifts on holidays such as Christmas, New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. These gifts don’t have to be expensive; they could be a gift certificate or even a free lunch at the local restaurant of your choice. You can also choose to give these gifts only to a select few people based on their achievements. For example, think about employees who have done something special for your business lately or have been with your company for a long time.

5. Provide Health Benefits.

Providing health benefits for your employees can help them save money on premiums and co-pays. It also gives them peace of mind, knowing that they’re covered in the event of an emergency or severe illness.

When you offer health insurance to your employees, they can choose which plan works best for them. Whether it’s a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) or a less expensive option with higher monthly premiums but lower deductible and co-pay requirements.

In addition to helping employees save on their health insurance premiums, you may also consider offering additional perks. These could be the likes of prescription drug coverage and dental care reimbursement. In addition, if you provide vision care or hearing aids as part of your benefits package, this could be another point of attraction when recruiting new talent.

6. Employee Surveys and Feedback.

Employee surveys are a great way to get feedback. Employees will be happy to tell you what they think about the company because they have nothing to lose. They don’t have to worry about being fired for expressing their opinions.

When people are afraid of being honest with their employers, there’s no real communication between them and the business owner or manager. It is why it’s crucial for anyone who wants to run a successful business startup to take the time out of their busy schedule. Also, it’s good to listen when others are speaking with them or email, detailing any concerns about how things work internally at the company.

7. Occasional Work from Home Option.

When starting a business, you might not have the infrastructure or resources to allow employees to work from home. But as your company grows, it’s something worth considering.

  • Allow Employees to Work Remotely: If your employees can work remotely occasionally, they’ll get a break from the office and won’t feel confined to an office space all day. They will also be able to spend more time with their families, a big plus for employee morale and productivity. Interestingly in 2021, seven out of ten U.S. workers would prefer giving a presentation online over in person since it would be less complex and unpleasant, according to Statista.com. So, we can understand how this can affect the employees in many ways.
  • Reduce Commute Time: When an employee spends less time commuting daily, he’ll have more energy left over for his actual job responsibilities. In addition, he’ll likely arrive earlier than usual so that he doesn’t need as much caffeine during his commute. It will reduce stress in general because there will be fewer traffic jams. It’s also healthier for everyone involved when we don’t spend so much time sitting behind wheels or on trains/buses due to pollution.

8. Hosting Milestone Events Celebrations.

You can use your company’s events to boost employee morale. These events should be fun and celebratory, keeping with your overall business culture. They should be held at least quarterly and open to all employees. These celebrations must include the entire company, not just those who typically get recognition for their work.

You’ll want to plan when planning these types of events; you don’t want them to feel rushed or last minute. You’ll also want to ensure they’re held in a public venue where employees can network. Your HR department may help plan these types of things. It’s also perfectly acceptable for the CEO or another senior member of the executive team to take charge as well.

Happy Employees Leads to Successful Business.

Remember, if employees are invested in the success of your business, they will be more productive. If you can create a culture where employees feel valued and appreciated, then there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. You can ensure everyone is happy and productive in their jobs by implementing unique ways to boost employee morale at your business startup.



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