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Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Great Packaging


A Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research report states that packaging is integral to business success. Your business needs great primary, secondary and tertiary packaging depending on the product you sell. Proper packaging is essential whether the business is a startup or an established one.

Source the packaging material from reliable manufacturers like Brandt Box & Paper. Doing so will benefit your business in the following ways:

Enhance product visibility

Product visibility is essential in the competitive world of business. And as much as you can invest in marketing, your product packaging can do more for you. This is because your customers’ first physical touch-point is the packaging. Making your packaging attractive and memorable goes a long way to enhance your product visibility. Therefore, ensure that your product’s packaging is well-made and unique.

Protect the products

Packaging primarily aims to ensure that the product is safe during shipment. The best way is to use a safety-enhanced method like a bubble for packaging with cushioning. This type of packaging ensures that products, namely fragile ones, are safe during storage and shipment. Using them ensures that your business doesn’t inconvenience customers by delivering broken products.

Increased sales

Product packaging influences buying decisions. A customer can decide to either buy your product or not, depending on its appearance. You, therefore, need to get professionally-done packaging that will influence customers’ decisions. The influence will positively affect your sales. In addition, they can recommend your product to their circle, giving you more customers.

Furthermore, product packaging matters more in this age of social media marketing. Having great packaging will encourage influencers to work with your brand, resulting in wide reach and increased sales.

Customer retention

Your business needs loyal customers since they provide lifelong value to it. And great packaging is one of the ways to retain customers besides quality products, timely deliveries, among others. According to branding experts, providing customers with unforgettable experiences when unboxing the products converts them to repeat ones. Therefore, ensure that your product packaging elicits a reaction from your customers.

Cut down cost

Cutting down the operation costs is vital for your business’s sustainability. Packaging can help you with that. For instance, using a lightweight bubble for packaging reduces the weight and translates to low cost during storage or shipping. In addition, using packages made from recyclable material ensures goes a long way in cutting down the cost. You can create a reward program where your customers collect and ship the reusable or recyclable packaging back to you. This way, you won’t have to invest much in packaging and protecting the environment.

Great packaging is, without a doubt, essential for your business success. Therefore, you must get the packaging from reliable manufacturers like Brandt Box & Paper. Such manufacturers make packaging materials that will make your products look presentable. In addition, they make packaging products that don’t occupy a lot of space, hence the low cost of handling and shipping the products. Doing so will benefit your venture in the ways you have read here.