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How To Select The Most Innovative Tech To Improve Small Business Collaboration And Productivity


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by Eric Yu, SVP & GM, Commercial Product Center & SMB Segment, Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo

Throughout the last two years, employees worldwide have embraced working from anywhere as the “office” became wherever their technology is. However, many do not have the technology they need for optimum productivity across teams. In an era of interconnected hybrid workplaces, our phone screens, tablets, monitors, etc., must play a role in extending functionality to allow seamless multitasking, collaboration and productivity.

Considering this reality, here are three critical elements SMB leaders must consider when looking for multifunctional devices to increase collaboration and help their business grow:

Smarter Experiential Design

Extending functionality will be key in supporting employees as they work through new and sometimes challenging environments. Whether that’s through a central monitor, extended screen, or 2-in-1 display, companies must prioritize new technology that caters to specific remote-worker needs that will help businesses meet the niche demands of their workforce.

For example, SMB employees can seamlessly multitask through modern desktop monitors that offer larger screen real-estate and single cable management for easy connections. Additionally, an extended screen can enable note-taking, quick-launch utilities such as the calculator, or even smartphone mirroring to improve multitasking and synergy across devices. An ultra-widescreen can also allow for more engaging collaboration with full-width conferencing adding a chat window on the second display, or a notepad function to take notes during online meetings.

The key to SMB success as we all navigate this new way of work will be to supply their employees with technology that can be a useful part of their full day in a wide variety of modes.

Communication Tools

As teams become more dispersed, it is critical to have the right technology and unified communication tools to keep team members connected, engaged and productive. Video is a key element in this evolving remote environment. It’s an engaging style that enables employees to feel connected and avoid that feeling of isolation typically reported when working from home. It’s important for companies to make sure their employees are armed with the ability to use the best video-conferencing technology.

Remote meeting attendees should not suffer because they are unable to attend events in person, and by providing technology that offers high-quality AI-enabled video and audio connectivity, all participants can stay engaged and be involved in discussions and decisions. Additionally, advanced audio tools are important in our current world of remote work. Having a laptop that includes optimized noise cancelling technology makes it so much easier to collaborate.

By prioritizing collaboration and equipping teams with portable and reliable technology, businesses small and large can empower their employees to bring their best ideas to the table without the distractions of poor video and audio quality.

Adaptable, Portable Technology

Recent data shows that nearly 80% of the global workforce is now deskless, working outside of the traditional “9 to 5” office environment and conventional workplace norms. As the next reality continues to take shape, technology continues to play a pivotal role in creating efficiencies and opportunities that transform work environments — especially those of small businesses. Good leaders are constantly re-evaluating their technology needs for a reimagined workplace. In these new work environments and marketplaces driven by millennials and Gen Z more focused on flexibility and work-life balance, business leaders should focus on key components to help these generations flourish. Accessibility, affordability and user-friendly technology will help retain talent and support business continuity for long-term success.

Research shows that equipping teams with portable, connected and sleek devices eases collaboration, provides more efficient data processing, and greater access to information while maintaining end user desire for better work-life balance. For SMBs in particular, durable and adaptable technology that makes multitasking simpler and effective can make a massive difference in overall business continuity.

Invest In Your Employees to Drive Results

In summary, to properly enable today’s multi-generational workforce to work productively in their environment, they want their devices to reflect their personality, deliver the tools they need and must be flexible and portable to match their lifestyle. Smarter technology delivered through innovative multifunctional devices will empower employees to effectively “work from anywhere”.

Investing in your employees and their technology today will drive business dividends for the future.


Eric Yu, SVP & GM, Commercial Product Center & SMB Segment, Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group, is responsible for the Lenovo SMB segment‘s global end-to-end business strategy and execution. He also oversees Lenovo’s global Monitors Business Unit and Accessories Business Units. With 20+ years working across different Lenovo business functions, Yu has a track record of understanding business needs and exceeding growth exponentially in various technology segments.