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6 Different Ways To Start A Sports-Based Business


Anyone with a passion for sport should consider making their career in it, because a job you love won’t feel like work at all.

If you’ve also got an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a sports-based business could be the best path forward. All you need is a good idea, as well as commitment and patients, so here are a few inspirational options to get your mind ticking over.

1. Create a sports blog or website.

In terms of entering the sporting arena without needing anything other than a laptop and some spare time, launching a website dedicated to your favorite sport is a no-brainer.

It doesn’t take much to build a website, and so the real challenge will come when you need to fill it with relevant, engaging content.

Money generated through on-site ads is how most sports blogs earn their keep, and this could be a good side-hustle for someone with a day job. If it blossoms and gains a large readership, it could easily become a full-time concern.

2. Rent out sporting equipment.

Depending on your location, opening a rental business that supplies the gear people need to participate in a popular pastime may be a good fit.

Whether you rent out kayaks at a lake or river, or supply equipment for skateboarding, roller skating, football or anything else, this can be a rewarding and straightforward business to get off the ground.

3. Run sporting events… and livestream them!

The world of mainstream sports broadcasting is sewn up by major corporations, but small scale events can gain traction thanks to the rise and rise of online streaming.

Learning how to livestream sporting events shouldn’t be too taxing if you’re comfortable with technology. Plus if you are responsible for organizing and hosting the events, you won’t have to worry about rights.

Revenue generated through things like sponsorship and advertising spots will bolster your streaming business’ income, on top of the option of charging for tickets if people want to attend in person as spectators.

4. Sell your skills as an instructor.

If you’re a dab hand at golf, a baller on the court, a tactical genius on the pitch, or have proven yourself in any other sporting context, you’ll have saleable skills to offer others.

Becoming an instructor may require that you pass certain examinations and acquire a license to be recognized and legitimate, but this is very much sport and region-dependent. If you want to do what you love every day and share this with others, this is the path to follow.

5. Produce essential sporting goods.

Anyone with an understanding of the manufacturing industry, compounded by an interest in sports, will be suited to setting up a business specifically to make items and equipment for this huge global market.

You could pump out balls for sports of all types, or get into the production of skis, rackets, clubs or anything else that matches your interests and abilities.

Demand is strong year-round for most sporting goods categories, so it’s a safer bet than many other segments of manufacturing.

6. Get into sports as a nutritionist.

Sports nutrition is another niche that has exploded in the past couple of decades, with top athletes being living proof that a scientific approach to dieting can lead to significant gains and unparalleled performance.

Sports nutritionists cater to the overall wellness of their clients, and you don’t just have to deal with people looking for sporting advice, but also anyone who has dietary issues.

Final thoughts.

As well as considering your skills, experience and area of sporting interest, you also have to look into the costs and complexities of starting the business you choose. The more you plan, the less chance of catastrophe.



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