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Memorize These 6 Real Estate Marketing Strategies Before Selling A House


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Everyone has a theory on what makes a house sell quickly and for a great price. Most of these theories are confusing, baseless, and completely false.

There are several real estate marketing strategies that have been used for decades by top real estate agents to sell properties at a great price. They are not flashy and they are not all that new. But they work and are real estate marketing strategies that everyone should memorize before selling a house.  

The Best Time to List Your Home For Sale is… It Depends

Many people will tell you that unequivocally the spring is the best and only time to list a home if you want to sell quickly for full asking price. However, this statement is far too broad and neglects the variance based upon your home’s geographic location. Nationally, the best time to list your home is in the spring more specifically in March, April, and May. But this listing time is not set in stone. Homeowners that sell their home in June generally see a higher sales price, while those that sell in July have a quicker sales time. These months do not transfer across the country though. The variations in best times to list and sell depends on seasonality, interest rates, location, and market conditions.

In terms of location and seasonality, sellers are going to get the highest price for their home when their curb appeal looks the best. This varies depending on the region where you are listing. Some cooler areas of the country will not have fully bloomed landscaping and bright green lawns until the end of May while warmer areas have year round warmth and overly hot days in the summer which can damage their landscaping. Additionally, the best day of the week to sell your home is Thursday. Listing on this day allows you to hold open houses over the weekend when the majority of buyers will be available and out and about.  

Set a Competitive Price

There is a tendency to assume that if you price your home lower it will sell faster because the low cost will draw in more buyers. However, this method is not always right and can even backfire. To determine the best listing price for your home, you need to first get an idea of your home’s value in the current market. With this home value estimation you can have a general idea of the price trends in your area. Next, obtain a comparative market analysis from your real estate agent. The comparative market analysis will take into account the price of recently sold properties in your area with similar square footage, overall condition, and number of bedrooms and baths. Your real estate agent should use these numbers as the basis for your final listing price. Additionally, avoid inflating the price of your home simply because other homes in your area were sold over asking price.  

Invest in Professional Photos

Sure, your smartphone takes awesome pictures that you think look professional, but that doesn’t mean you should use DIY photos for your home’s listing. A professional real estate photographer knows how to photograph your home to highlight the best qualities. Professional real estate marketing photos generate 139% more clicks than similar listings. Since so many home buyers begin their home search online and rarely schedule an open house without first viewing the house online, these clicks are very beneficial. Beyond generating more traffic to your home’s listing, professional photographs could give your final sales price a boost. Listings with professional photos sell over 50% faster than homes without.  

Utilize Social Media

Social media has changed the speed and ease at which real estate agents and home sellers are able to distribute information about their home listing. Your chances of selling your home will greatly increase if you include social media in your marketing strategy. According to a Pew Research Center’s Social Media Use Survey in the last year, 81% of adults have used YouTube; 69% have used Facebook; and 40% have used Instagram. All of these social media sites are perfect for posting a photo or video of your home, adding a description, including pertinent information about the listing, and creating a unique story around your home that will draw in buyers.

Among the above listed social media sites, Facebook is the best bet to reach potential home buyers. 72% of adults are active on Facebook with the majority of users within the home buyer age range. Second to Facebook is Instagram, followed by Pinterest and then by Twitter.  

Curb Appeal Is a Game Changer

Everyone knows that your home’s curb appeal is one of the first things that a home buyer will judge either in your home’s listing photos or as they drive by the home. But besides attracting or deterring buyers, impeccable curb appeal can increase your home’s value anywhere between 5.5% to 12.7%. Perfecting your curb appeal to increase your property’s value does not need to be overly complex or expensive.

Ensure that your lawn is freshly mowed, free of weeds, and does not have large bare or thinning grass areas. Next, keep your landscaped areas free of weeds and ensure that bushes and trees are trimmed. Plant colorful and easy to care for annuals and perennial flowers that are native to the area. Finally, add a fresh layer of mulch, which in itself can increase your home’s value. HomeLight real estate agents report that basic yard care of mowing, fertilizing your lawn, and weed control in conjunction with applying fresh mulch can yield the highest return on investment by adding nearly $4,500 in resale value.  

Emphasize Trending Upgrades

Every few years a new set of home trends move through the housing market. Currently the trends that are most appealing to home buyers are those that turn a home into a sanctuary, improve energy efficiency, and are smart. Outdoor upgrades such as outdoor kitchens, in-ground swimming pools, and a fire pit are very popular among home buyers. These types of upgrades can be left behind for home buyers, especially first time home buyers, and work in your favor when negotiating your home’s final sales price. Energy efficient upgrades such as Energy Star certified windows, solar panels, and environmentally friendly building technologies can drastically increase your home’s value. Nationally, the value that eco-friendly features add to a home has increased by 26%.

Smart technology is another upgrade that should be front and center in your home’s listing photographs and description. 81% of homeowners said they would be more likely to buy a house that came with smart home technology already installed. Smart home features that are very appealing to home buyers are smart thermostats, smart door locks, smart kitchen appliances, and smart bathroom fixtures.  

When you remove the clutter of false and baseless real estate marketing claims, it is easy to see that basic marketing strategies are the most successful. If you are looking to sell your home, contact a trusted real estate agent who can assist you in implementing these strategies and better your chances of selling your home quickly for a great price. 



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