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[Infographic] Are You A Workaholic?


Working hard is important.

But there are those who work hard, and then there are those whose work utterly consumes them to the point that they ignore other aspects of life.

We call them workaholics. Workaholics without a proper work-life balance tend to lead stressful lives, which can lead to poor health. Not to mention the negative emotional and psychological impact that can be placed on a workaholic’s relationships.

Don’t let that happen to you. You can choose to work hard yet maintain a good work-life balance.

Looking to find out if workaholism is a problem for you? Here’s an infographic quiz from award-winning collaboration and work management software Wrike that can help you find out if you’re on the road to becoming a workaholic.

How to Figure Out If You’re a Workaholic - by Wrike project management software[Infographic brought to you by Wrike web based project management software]


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