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What Is Video Shopping, And How Does It Increase Your Sales?


If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to boost your ecommerce business, then live commerce could be the answer. Live commerce involves selling your products through live video on digital platforms.

In this article, we go through the benefits of video shopping for e-commerce and tips to increase sales.

What is Video Shopping

Video has been proven to be one of the best ways to boost the performance of your business on digital platforms. Cue in live video shopping. Well, this involves selling your products online through live video. By showcasing your products through live streaming, shoppers can interact with brands in real-time and have an in-person experience.

How Video Shopping Increases Sales

Here are some of the benefits of live shopping in the e-commerce sector:

Customers Love Videos.

A lot of consumers watch product videos before making a purchase. Also, active online people spend a lot of time watching videos and love it when their favorite brands have videos on their websites. For this reason, brands that invest in videos are more likely to attract customers than those that do not.

Video Encourages Better Engagement.

Video is one of the best forms of content for business owners. They tend to have higher engagement, perform better and reach a wider audience. Also, people are more likely to share videos with their friends.

Video Boosts Brand Awareness

When it comes to increasing sales and awareness, you need to showcase your products. Video is a better way to showcase your products and expose your business to many viewers in minutes. The more you showcase your brand and products through videos, the more people know and trust your brand.

4. Video Accelerates Sales.

People are more likely to buy a product they see in real-time through video shopping. Also, video shopping encourages impulse buying as people may feel like they are missing out on great offers.

4 Video Shopping Trends to Increase Sales

Here are some video shopping trends you can adopt to boost brand awareness and increase sales:

1. Educational or How-to Videos.

Educational content establishes your business as a thought leader. Companies now invest in educating their customers by organizing virtual tutorials and masterclasses. For instance, if you sell makeup, you could hold a tutorial on how to use your product to achieve certain beauty trends.

2. Live Chat Discussions.

Video live chat makes it easy for customers to have one-on-one conversations with you. This promotes engagement and makes it easy to get answers to questions they may have.

3. Influencer Marketing.

Influencers are key opinion leaders who can promote your business to their active and impressionable followers. Many young people purchase based on influencers’ recommendations, so it’s a good idea to combine your influencer marketing strategy with live shopping.

4. Live Auction.

Another popular video shopping trend to increase sales is live auctions. It works like a regular auction, but virtually. You can showcase your limited products and auction them off by creating a sense of urgency or offering discounts. Customers are likely to participate in live auctions out of fear of missing out.


Live shopping is a successful marketing strategy to transform your ecommerce company. To increase sales and reach a wider audience, ensure you integrate videos onto your marketing strategies and adopt some of the latest video trends.