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SEO-site Promotion: How To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Optimization?


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Active development and promotion of the site require the use of a multi-channel strategy, which includes optimization in all directions. Online server – proxy server Indonesia has all the necessary features to help you analyze your website and make it even more reliable.

One of the main vectors is SEO promotion, which is needed to improve the position of the resource in search engine rankings. And to assess the quality of work, as well as the feasibility of investing in content and contextual advertising, you need a comprehensive analysis that allows you to assess the effectiveness of efforts and make timely adjustments if necessary.

There are several ways to help analyze the site and understand the relevance of further investments in SEO.

Evaluation of Financial Indicators

Conversion is one of the main indicators. The analysis involves all user actions performed on the site: unique visits, interest in the product, and applications received. The following formulas are used to calculate financial indicators:

  • the cost of attracting a user is the ratio of the budget allocated for promotion to the total number of visitors;
  • the cost of attracting ice is the ratio of the cost of promotion and the number of potential customers who have made a targeted action on the site;
  • an indicator of the profitability of a marketing strategy – is the ratio of income and funds invested in promotion;
  • conversion – the ratio of the total number of users and customers who performed the target action (call, request, message).

Calculations are made for a limited period (week, two weeks, month). This makes it possible to monitor the dynamics and, accordingly, control the rational distribution of the budget and make sure that the SEO promotion pays off.

Forecast of the Effectiveness of SEO-promotion

Relevant for new resources or those sites that have not yet been SEO-optimized. Forecasting makes it possible to calculate the feasibility of investing in future promotions based on the following factors:

  • age of the portal;
  • the intensity of the level of competition;
  • consumer demand.

A simple formula is used to assess the prospects of achieving top positions in search engines. The size of the expected return on the resource is equal to the product of the average number of queries, CTR portals on identical topics, occupying the first positions in the issue (average impressions and clicks range from 15-20%), and the conversion rate. This will allow you to calculate the expected income, and, accordingly, to understand how effective the promotion will be and whether the investment will pay off.

Comprehensive Analysis of Site Performance

To assess the quality of work of an SEO specialist, you need to focus on KPI – key performance indicators such as the growth of organic traffic. Data is displayed in Google Analytics spreadsheets and graphs, so it’s easy to keep track of this set daily. By selecting the appropriate traffic sources, you can track the results of site promotion for a specified time. It is recommended to conduct a comparative analysis of last year’s indicators to make sure that the increase in the number of visitors is not related to seasonality.