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How To Create And Sell Your Own NFT Art


There are many creative ways to generate, store and trade NFTs. There are also many creative ways to profit from them. However, these methods only work if you can actually create and sell your own NFTs! The post will teach you how to design your own cryptocurrency game or artwork that anyone with an internet connection can play in order to earn tokens for your artwork.

There are several ways to create and sell your own NFTs. Here is a short step-by-step guide to selling your artwork as NFTs.

Buying cryptocurrency to fund your wallet.

To start a game or set up a blockchain art gallery, you will need to have some cryptocurrency. You can buy cryptocurrency from sites like Coinbase. Once you have purchased your currency, you can transfer it to an NFT-friendly wallet using a public address. For example, here is a screenshot of my wallet using the Parity Ether Wallet.

Creating a digital wallet to pay for your NFT.

Once you have some cryptocurrency in your wallet, you will need to create an entirely new digital wallet that is linked to the original wallet. For example, I have created a new digital wallet using the Exodus Wallet and then transferred my ether over to this new NFT-friendly wallet. Some wallets that support NFTs include the MetaMask and Trust Wallet. Only use a wallet that supports NFTs! Otherwise, your artwork may become worthless if you cannot trade or sell it.

Adding cryptocurrency to your wallet.

Once you have created a new wallet and transferred your cryptocurrency from the original wallet to your new NFT-friendly wallet, you can add more cryptocurrency to your new NFT-friendly wallet. You can typically continue setting up this new digital wallet until you have purchased as much cryptocurrency as you wish to create a game or art gallery with.

Connecting your wallet to an NFT platform.

You may have several options for connecting your wallet to an NFT platform. For example, you can connect your Ethereum address directly to an NFT platform like CryptoKitties or Etheremon. You will simply deposit cryptocurrency into the site, which will enable you to buy and sell the NFTs that are supported by the platform. Then you can withdraw the NFTs at any time. If the platform is a game, you can also play it to earn NFTs. However, please make sure that your wallet supports the platform in question.

Uploading the file you want to turn into an NFT.

If you are creating a piece of digital art, then you will need to save it as a file type that is compatible with NFT platforms. For example, for digital paintings and drawings, you may wish to save your file as .jpg. If you are creating a game or other NFT asset, then save your file as .json or something similar. Once you have saved your file, you can upload your art or game via the NFT platform. For example, for CryptoKitties and Etheremon, you simply upload the image directly onto the site.

Setting up an auction for your NFT.

Once you have uploaded your NFT, you will want to set up an auction for NFT. This can be done in a number of ways as long as you are careful. The easiest way to do this is via the NFT website itself. For example, if you are creating a game, then I would upload all of the information via the game’s settings menu. Then I would create an auction for my artwork by setting an amount and sale rules for my NFTs.

Adding a description to sell your NFT.

You may also wish to add a description to your artwork. For example, if you are creating a new game, then you may want to describe the concept behind the game. If you are designing a new painting or drawing, then you might want to describe what the piece means and why you designed it this way.

Paying the listing fee to sell your NFT.

Now that you have set up your account, you will need to pay a listing fee before anyone is able to buy your NFTs. Typically, the listing fee is part of the transaction amount. For example, if you want to sell your artwork for $5 in Ethereum, then you would also pay a $1 listing fee for each piece of art you sell as an NFT. NFTs are a way to make some extra cash. The best option would be nft profit.


NFTs are relatively easy to create and sell as long as you have cryptocurrency in your wallet. You will also need to take precautions, such as saving your art or game file in a compatible format before uploading it to an NFT site. However, once you do this, you can begin earning cryptocurrency by selling your artwork or games as NFTs.