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Top Tips On How To Market Your Interior Design Business


If you’ve just set up your own interior design business, then the good news is that you’re already on the path to success. The industry is absolutely thriving and is forecast to grow even more significantly between now and 2025.

But being design-savvy is not enough; you also need a good marketing strategy in place. Here are 7 expert tips to put you on the path to success.

1. Identify your business.

Before you get started with multi-faceted marketing strategies, make sure you know who you are, why you’re in business, what makes you stand out and where your strengths lie. An honest, introspective viewpoint will give you insight into your niche, which in turn will enable you to narrow down your target audience and focus your campaign.

2. Build a website.

You simply can’t do business without a good website. So invest in a great developer and a platform that will encompass your needs. WordPress is highly recommended and user-friendly, so do a course because there are huge benefits in being able to update and manage it yourself. After all, it’s the first connect between you and your clients, so it has to be professional, current and visually impactful, just like your design projects.

3. Write blogs.

Become a specialist by using your design experiences to write useful “how to” blogs for your website. This will enable you to flaunt your work without looking like you’re bragging. Check out your opposition to see what’s trending and unearth topics that will draw your audience in without giving away any trade secrets. Find inspiration from other industry-related websites like FCI London.

4. Create social media accounts.

The more social media platforms you’re on, the more noticeable you’ll become. Be mindful that each of them has their own tone and will need individual upkeep and commitment.

Instagram and Pinterest are popular amongst design aficionados, and Facebook is essential, so make sure you optimise your page properly. This will involve creating a custom banner, writing a great business description, completing the “About Us” section, and continually adding engaging posts, photos and videos.

5. Specialise in something and shout it from the rooftops.

If you want to turn potential leads into valued customers, email marketing is key. But how to make your emails stand out from the crowd? Research shows that brands who specialise in one or two things and therefore become identifiable with those things are more likely to get good email open rates when marketing to the right audience. Perhaps you specialise in walk-in wardrobes. You could create a beautiful landing page for your wardrobe service like FCI London and send out regular, thought-provoking newsletters around your custom wardrobe service. This is far more likely to land than a mailer with generic content that doesn’t differentiate your brand from all the others.

6. Get reviews.

Client reviews are the best ways to endorse your business, so don’t be shy to ask for them. Help your customers post them on all your social media accounts by popping them an email including all the relevant links – they’ll be delighted to help.

7. Say thank you.

Gratitude is an important part of success and saying thank you to your clients, suppliers and team will always leave a good impression. Send a note and, for lucrative jobs, a bunch of flowers. They’ll never forget you.

Marketing your business is easy once you know how, and it will make an enormous difference to your profitability and image. So get the ball rolling as soon as possible and you’ll soon find success.


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