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How To Promote Your Podcast On Spotify?


Do you know that Spotify has a whopping 406 million monthly listeners as of 2022? Although this platform is much more popular in the category of music as it gives listeners an opportunity to discover new music according to their preference, it has recently gained quite a lot of popularity for podcasts.

Even beginner musicians find it a great platform to grow their fan base and get the recognition they deserve. Some use an organic Spotify growth service, whereas others implement different marketing strategies for this purpose.

Nevertheless, if you want to promote your podcast on Spotify and you want to see real results, keep reading this article!

1. Choose the Right Category for Your Podcast Account.

When creating your podcast account on Spotify, one of the steps will require you to choose a primary category and 3 other sub-categories that best define your content.

Here, you have to pick the categories wisely. Why? Because selecting the right category for your channel will help the relevant audience discover and listen to your podcasts. When they will search for a specific category, you will also be in the search results.

2. Be Creative With Titles and Description.

You will also have to write a title and description for your podcast. If you want to promote your podcast on Spotify, use this space sensibly.

Although you may believe that coming up with a clickbait title will help you capture the audience’s attention, this may not work in the long run. If listeners play your podcast, and they don’t find anything meaningful for which the title kind of promises, they won’t even complete the entire podcast.

Make sure the title is engaging but not misleading at all. Use the description space to let your potential listeners know what is in the podcast, and you can also add a call-to-action here.

3. Assess Your Spotify Statistics.

Just like social media sites allow you to analyze the in-built stats for your account, Spotify lets you do the same. If you want to boost your podcast on Spotify, leverage the stats feature to tailor your content strategies accordingly.

You can monitor the demographics of your listeners, their listening habits, and the devices they use to stream your podcast. At the very start, you may have to go through some trials and errors and after some while, these stats will help you create the kind of content your listeners enjoy the most.

4. Create Appealing Artwork.

For every episode, you can create and upload an artwork with it. By looking at the artwork, people can get a general perception of the quality of the podcast and what it will be about.

Hence, you must create eye-catching artwork to encourage more clicks and plays. You should also add the title to the artwork. If you’re collaborating with someone else, add their picture too. So, their fans can also listen to your podcast, and you never know if they become your fan too down the road!