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How To Set Up An Instagram Business Account


If you’re looking to scale up your Instagram Account, perhaps it’s for business use or you’re a budding Instagram Influencer? Then you might want to consider setting up an Instagram Business Account.

There are various advantages to having a business account, it gives you a little more influence, it shows that you’re serious about Instagram and you’re not just using it for personal purposes. Setting up an Instagram Business Account is relatively easy to do but there are certain criteria that you have to meet before you become an authentic business account user on Instagram. You should also know how to market your Instagram business account, once you’ve set your business account up.

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How to Grow Your Instagram Business Account Followers Overnight

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Right, let’s get started with more on how to grow your Instagram Business Account followers overnight.

Why Do You Need an Instagram Business Account?

Firstly, ask yourself whether or not you need an Instagram Business Account? Having an Instagram Business Account gives you numerous benefits as follows:

The Benefits of Switching Over to an Instagram Business Account.

  • You can still schedule all of your Instagram posts but now you can schedule posts that are automatically published which means no more annoying notifications to remind you to do so. Find out the best times to post on Instagram here to maximize on viewing potential.
  • You get exclusive access to analytics so you can track your progress on Instagram. Having an Instagram Business Account allows you to monitor your engagement rate (the likes, comments, and shares), see how people are talking about your brand, business or service, track traffic to your website and see what converts into sales.
  • With an Instagram Business Account you can add a link in your stories.
  • Switching up to an Instagram Business Account allows you to promote your posts and use Instagram ads – so you can grow your account even more.
  • You can add the Shoppable feature to your account when you upgrade to an Instagram Business Account so your followers can shop direct from your profile or post. This is only available to business or creator accounts and in setting up your Instagram shop, you can upload your product list, tag your goods in your posts and you can even sell directly through Instagram.
  • Switching over to an Instagram Business Account will not cost you anything – but if you decide to use the promoted posts, advertising, and shopping features then you will have to pay.
  • When you move to an Instagram Business Account, your Instagram bio looks smarter as you have upgraded your account and you can add an identifying industry label, so people instantly see what you specialize in.
  • Instagram constantly rolls out new features and as its aim is to grow its business use because that is where it grows its own revenue, you can be sure that by upgrading to an Instagram Business Account you will gain access to all the new features as they roll out. So do not risk missing out on the opportunity.
  • You get to add all of your contact information and there is even a clever call-to-action button so you can invite users to “Call” or even “Reserve” if you are a service.
  • With an Instagram Business Account you get the added benefit of being able to curate quick responses. The feature is called “Quick Replies.” So, you create standard replies and connect these to a shortcut word. It’s really useful for better customer service.  What happens is, when a user types in a shortcut word, your autoreply instantly appears, it’s a great time-saver.
  • Another useful tool that is only available to users with Instagram Business Accounts is that you can stop strangers tagging your account as “branded content.” So, you take control of endorsements and stop fakes or accounts that might be using your brand name without permission from you, the owner. You do need to set this feature up though. Just open your profile, select the menu button, then, choose the settings button. Next, move to the business option and click on “branded content approvals.”  Simply select “require approvals” and job done! Another feature you can do from this menu is devise your own list of “approved accounts” therefore allowing certain partners to tag your brand or account without requesting approval each time they do so.

What are the Criteria for an Instagram Business Account Page?

There are no set criteria for creating your Instagram Business Account page BUT you must comply with the commerce eligibility requirements if you are planning to sell your products or services through the social network platform. You will find all the information on the Instagram help pages, accessible through this useful link. The basics are as follows:

  • Your account must comply with Instagram’s policies
  • Your account must represent your business (and be associated with your domain)
  • Your account must be situated in a market that supports your business
  • Your business must be honest and trusting
  • You must provide correct information to Instagram
  • You must follow Instagram’s “best practices”

Should you be found not to be complying with all of the above Instagram compliance policies then you may lose the right to use the commerce feature and it could even lead to your account being deleted (Facebook as well). This relates to Live Shopping and Instagram Shopping (as well as all of the ecommerce tools available on Facebook).

How to Set Up Your Instagram Business Account

Are you ready to shift your Instagram account up a gear? Then let us help you to turn your regular Instagram account into a shiny new Instagram Business Account! Follow the simple steps below:

  • Start by accessing your Instagram account profile.
  • Note the “gear” icon, just click on this
  • Then select the message “Switch to Business Profile”
  • If you have a Facebook page, this is your opportunity to connect it to your Instagram to further boost your Instagram account and increase user engagement. If you cannot see your Facebook Business Page as a link option, check your settings menu in Facebook and check that you are mentioned as an administrator (or admin).  It’s easy to change it if you’re not already listed as an admin. Once you’ve done this, your Facebook Business Page should appear. Next, just select it and follow the prompts.
  • Now you’ll see a “Set Up Your Business Profile” page. This is your chance to review all of your information. Check everything is correct, especially paying attention to your contact details and your email address. Once you are comfortable that everything is absolutely correct, click on “Done.” You have just saved your Instagram Business Account page and organized its settings.

Final Words

Thousands of other Instagram Business Accounts use Instagram marketing services to really establish themselves as a noteworthy brand on Instagram, isn’t it time you did the same thing? Make sure you buy followers from a trustworthy source and beware of fake businesses offering similar services. Time to get get more engagement and better visibility in news feeds for your Instagram!