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The Importance Of Link-Building And The Significance Of Hiring An Agency


Have you heard about the Penguin? No, not those cute little flightless birds but a Google algorithm update that changed the link-building process. The search giant introduced it in 2012 to stop companies from using black-heat SEO techniques.

Despite that, link-building has a vital place in search engine optimization. It has several advantages like cost-effectiveness and is especially helpful if you live in New York, with high advertising costs.

For example, New York has pay-per-click costs between 125 USD to 250 USD. Improving your link building by hiring a professional NYC SEO company is much cheaper while giving you the results. How much do you know about link-building, and why must you consider hiring a professional agency?

What is link-building?

In the simplest terms, it adds as many external links (or hyperlinks) as possible to your website from other websites. But here’s the question: why can’t you pay someone to do that?

You could, but at the risk of Google penalizing you for manipulating the natural search results. It violates their policies and raises questions about their trustworthiness. Your business will suffer in the long run since users will associate your domain with spammy links.

To avoid such outcomes, you should adopt a solid backlinking strategy for higher site metrics, SEO scores, credibility, and increased website traffic.

How do you acquire backlinks?

A professional company will explain the various aspects of this process when you hire them. But here are some details to get you started. You can acquire backlinks by trying social media promotion, manual outreaching, and creating high-quality content.

What role does content play?

It plays a crucial role since others will share their links if they find your content appealing. Researching your audience and writing articles that answer their questions is one way of doing that. Select industry-relevant topics and include the latest developments. Conducting keyword research and strategically placing them goes a long way in enjoying higher rankings.

Some benefits of this approach

Acquiring backlinks is one of the primary purposes of link-building, but there’s much more to it than that. Here are other reasons to try it.

Build long-lasting relationships.

Constantly reaching out to other websites, bloggers, and influencers in your industry help create long-lasting relationships. Over time, you will enjoy their trust, eventually leading to more business opportunities.

You could even request them for online reviews of your website. Since almost 82% of New Yorkers buy a product after reading the online reviews, it will benefit your e-commerce business significantly.

Higher credibility.

As a search engine, Google’s primary purpose is to provide users with relevant results. It determines your credibility depending on the number of quality links on your website, establishing you as an authority in your field. You will enjoy a higher ranking if it considers your website “highly credible.”

Higher revenues.

New York has the most number of online shoppers in the USA, and since the pandemic, it has seen a tremendous rise in e-commerce. The more traffic you attract, the higher will your search results be.

High ranking means more customers are noticing your website. This will increase your chances of attracting potential customers dramatically.

Why should you hire an agency?

Link building is more complicated than it sounds, involving plenty of factors. Even if you have some experience, you will benefit a lot by taking the help of professionals.

SEO agencies keep themselves aware of updated Google algorithms, affecting your website’s relevance on the search engines results page (SERP). They know the safest link-building approaches that do not attract a penalty or conflict with Penguin Algorithm.

Some of the services an experienced SEO company in New York provides are link profiles, backlink spam, domain authority, anchor text, link reclamation, competitor backlink analysis, inbound link profiles, and toxic links.

You can ask them to conduct a link audit to see if the existing backlinks have any problems while removing those affecting your site’s ranking.

An experienced NYC SEO company possesses the expertise to provide you with the benefits of link-building for your website while avoiding unnecessary complications. Earning backlinks is not easy, so you need the assistance of professionals.