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Eco-Friendly Packaging Trends In Cosmetics For 2022


Cosmetic packaging evolves every year to match the quality and functionality expectations of consumers. In 2022, the sustainability trend in packaging is exceptionally popular, as the cosmetic industry is all about becoming greener.

Keep on reading to learn more about why it is important to follow the eco-friendly packaging trends in cosmetics and how that can help your business thrive.

Do customers care about eco-friendly packaging?

Climate change, pollution, carbon footprint – these problems are becoming more serious than ever and are bound to change the world we live in if we don’t act soon. The good news is many consumers are eager to lower their impact on these environmental factors. They are also more open to learning about sustainability and therefore – support eco-aware cosmetics brands.

As consumers become more conscious about the environment, they expect the same from the companies they are loyal to. Everything should be as green as possible – from manufacturing, cosmetics testing, and ingredients to every aspect of product packaging. 

With that in mind, it’s safe to say, in 2022 people tend to make purchase decisions based on whether a beauty brand shares the same values. Those values are eco-friendliness, a cruelty-free operation model, and genuine care for the environment.

That high interest in eco-friendly items pushes make-up, skincare, and haircare companies to come up with innovative solutions. And since the packaging is the first thing a client sees, better make it eco-friendly.

Top eco-friendly trends for 2022

New sustainable materials.

One of the greatest ways to respond to the green movement is to switch your old plastic wrapping with new sustainable materials. Those materials typically use natural and renewable resources, sourced in a safe way, which are either recyclable, biodegradable, or both. 

There are so many eco-friendly cosmetic packaging options to choose from! Feel free to go for the traditional paper, cardboard, wood, and glass packaging. Your beauty brand can also take sustainability a step further by investing in innovative makeup, skincare, or haircare packaging, made of seaweed, banana leaves, etc.

Use of paper and wood.

Even though there are many types of eco-friendly packaging on the market, when it comes to cosmetics, the most obvious choice is paper and wood. 

Since most cosmetic products are in liquid or creme form, what your brand could do is stop the usage of plastic bottles and boxes. Start using wooden containers instead, which are even more durable and way more eco-friendly. 

For the filler and outer packaging, forget about plastic wrapping. Paper is the best environmentally-friendly packaging alternative for cosmetic products. No need to worry about nature pollution and generating waste, since paper and cardboard are absolutely biodegradable in a matter of months.

Zero-waste packaging.

Excess packaging is a factor that massively stimulates pollution and waste generation. Hence, what is expected from the cosmetics industry in 2022 is to solve that problem. How? By upgrading their packaging to lower product waste or completely eliminate it.

Some of the steps towards zero-waste beauty product packaging are:

  • Using safe, biodegradable, and renewable materials
  • Getting rid of plastic layers, top polyethylene wraps, bubble wraps, and cellophane
  • Switching plastic fillers with paper or plant-based wrapping

This type of change in the cosmetic packaging designs is a great step towards eco-friendliness and will surely introduce your brand as considerate and eco-conscious.

Solid instead of liquid.

When it comes to cosmetics, one of the ongoing eco-friendly trends is the swap of liquids with solids. Basically, the same beauty products with the same qualities are being put out on the market in a solid form. Why? To stop the overall usage of plastic bottles and containers and switch to sustainable packaging.

Until recently, soaps were one of the only hygiene and cosmetics items that came in a solid form. Fortunately, now some of the solid products we can find on the market include toothpaste tablets, shampoos, hair masks, and more. 

By innovating these cosmetics products, companies can easily embrace plastic-free wrapping and eco-friendly packaging, made of biodegradable or recyclable materials like paper, glass, and cardboard.

Reusable bottles.

Sometimes switching to solids requires lots of research and costly manufacturing upgrades. The good news is, that there is an alternative that can still help a cosmetics brand make a positive environmental change – reusable bottles.

Introducing cosmetics in refillable packaging is a great way to lower package waste generation and help the environment. The model works with the customer taking their empty product container or bottle to a refill station or purchasing a filler product.