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How To Create A Great Online Presence For Your Law Firm


All businesses have to invest time and money in making their online presence pop. This is certainly true of law firms, as operating in this competitive market means you need to go the extra mile to stand out from competitors and connect with prospective clients in your area.

If you run a legal practice and you don’t know what to do to build and bolster your online presence, read on for some actionable advice on where to get started.

Make a website that engages visitors immediately

Without a well designed website, your law firm will not be able to convert the casual visitors who land on it from search engines or your social media profile.

One excellent aspect to add if you already have a basic site is that of a live chat function, as found on this site for criminal lawyers in New Brunswick.

The main advantage of a live chat function is that it means people who head to your site with a specific question in mind can ask it and get a reply in real time. It’s more than likely that a visitor might be in need of a lawyer in the first place, so proactively asking them how you can help, rather than requiring them to make the first move, will build trust and show that you are able to take the initiative.

Put together content that’s relevant to your audience

Another must-have for any law firm is compelling content that’s related to the areas of practice that are covered by your staff.

For example, you might write blog posts which deal with the kinds of queries lots of clients and curious individuals might often ask. This could be everything from what to do if you are charged with a crime, to more general topics like the difference between civil and criminal cases.

Even if you don’t have the resources to create legal content in-house, you can easily outsource this to a freelancer or an agency. The point is that if you are regularly posting content which is valuable to your target demographic, then people will have a reason to stumble across your site and to keep coming back in the future.

Dominate the domain of social media

We’ve already touched on how the content you create for your law firm can be shared via social media, but you can’t just create profiles on the most popular platforms and only post links to blog posts. This will appear as the transparent attempt to gain a following and court clients as it actually is.

You have to go the extra mile to make your presence on social media meaningful. That means engaging your audience in a variety of ways, from replying to legal questions that people ask, to running surveys and seeking feedback on a range of topics related to the law.

Consistency is also key to making a connection here. Make sure you are active on social platforms, without being overbearing. It’s a fine balance to strike, but one worth honing as the rewards can be significant, and the right tools can make this easier.

Track performance and change things up as needed

Lastly, don’t forget that the best aspect of building an online presence for your law firm is that you can drill down into the data whenever you switch up your strategies or run new campaigns to see whether you are succeeding or falling short.

Using analytics to your advantage, rather than sticking to the same old approach time after time, will lead to meaningful improvements in your performance in the long run.

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