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Business Automation: Why You Should Automate Your Workflow


Automation provides a powerful means for businesses to achieve greater levels of productivity and efficiency in the workplace. It comes in many forms, and different kinds of businesses may employ it in different ways – but the basic premise is the same.

Let’s take a look at business automation, and see how it may be beneficial for your company.

What is Business Automation?

The term automation refers to the of reducing human intervention in tasks by utilising technology and machinery. By automating repetitive tasks, like data entry, for example, organisations can significantly reduce the workload for employees. Moreover, a robot or a computer can be given a task and be left to continuously carry it without supervision, allowing personnel to focus on higher-value tasks that require that special human touch and intelligence.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of business automation, but they all amount to an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs. When you don’t have to employ someone to perform a given task, and you’re left instead with the (usually far lower) cost of powering and maintaining a machine to do it for you, then you’ll lower your overheads considerably.

We should consider that many of the tasks being handed over to machines are the ones that human beings spend a significant amount of time. For example, a machine can perform complex arithmetic on a spreadsheet far more capably than a human being can. This means that your human workers have more time and mental resources available to perform the creative and decision-making tasks.

Machines and automation systems are also much less likely to commit errors in their work. Additionally, although maintenance is required, they are not prone to fatigue or sickness like humans.

What parts of a business should be automated?

Several departments stand out as suitable for automation.

HR tasks

Any delay in your employees getting paid can be disastrous, and in some cases, it can affect your rates of staff turnover. For example, utilising a payroll software can help to address this issue and keep your employees happy while minimising the amount of administrative work for your HR department.


The modern business is under unprecedented attack from digital threats, many of which have the backing of automation. Having automation in place to deal with the threats is therefore critical.


Analysing customer data and sending out tailored emails will improve your conversion rates considerably. Automation allows for this, even if your customer base is vast.

Customer Care

Automation can help you keep tabs on your customers and their feelings toward you, and thereby help to foster repeat custom. It can also ensure that issues are addressed more quickly.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Keeping accurate records can be costly and time-consuming. This is another area where the right machine can be much more accurate and fast than any human worker!